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Frage von Martin S.:

tach friends I have so zielmich the same problem as other synonymous, a madman computer (AMD 2.4 Ghz, 512DDRRAM, 80 GB hard drives, graphics 128RAM) and, and .... installed everything by the book and I click on Recording and after 5 to 10 seconds everything is frozen!

softwa generally when someone is running, if yes what has changed?

And you can control the Dazzle DVC 90 synonymous with other programs??


Antwort von melz.guelzow:

Hello, I've been working for over a year with USB2, Dazzle 90 and Studio 9 for digitization of analog video, with no major problems. For the acquisition of data of the digital video camera I will take firewire and Studio, Absolte problems.
Anfäglich I had similar problems. Having all the software that was deleted after video editing (Programs for digital cameras, video cameras, virtual dub, power, etc.) smelled it went. Occasionally, there are now synonymous times a problem.
I push this to the MS Movie Maker, which can not be delete!


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