Infoseite // Pinnacle HDV1080i import without MPEG compression?

Frage von walter_von_wuerttemberg:

Hello Together,

I have just installed my version of Pinnacle 12 (+ 12.1 patch) and trying of my camcorder (SonyHDR-HC1E) (not tape HDD) to import a movie.

My problem: I always get only the choice for "MPEG 1 / 2" but should get HDV / DV or similar or Choice? Probably still missing a plug-in drivers or something similar?

How I can import the full quality of HD recording, without leading to compression?

In the options I miss the easy choice (still got a Picture attached so that it vllt.'s Easier to understand).

Schonmal Thanks in advance!

Greetings Walter


Antwort von Bruno Peter:

It's true all that will not lose any quality!

You could be synonymous with EDIUS Neo in HQ AVI import the hard drive, no quality gain from this, however.


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