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Frage von Bumba:


I have an unsolvable problem for me.
It is about the Dazzle Video Creator Platinum and the included software
Instant DVD Recorder + QS Pinnacle Studio Version 10
I have bought all my old VHS tapes with Instant DVD Recorder with single and then Nero to burn without a menu.
That worked synonymous s.Anfang gut.Leider the program depends Instant DVD Recorder always after the recording process auf.Es then only because the menu is created ... It takes hours and then the program hangs on and can not be stopped, not even on the Task Manager only with restart of the file is then PCs.Die as Video_TS file there, but it does not have the whole burn.Ich now tried on 3 PCs with XP or Vista Prof. 32nd All PCs are up to date, all Windows updates + all Pinnacle updates.
The strange is that it sometimes works .....
Does anyone know a similar program such as Instant DVD recorder to record simultaneously in Mpeg and the Dazzle DVD 170 recognizes?
For tips and help I would be very grateful



Antwort von B.DeKid:


As with paging files siehts (Temp Files) from?
(Although if you say everything else is ok and / or new)

Otherwise, look at other video tools to capture the look is really good and should be synonymous partly synonymous fold faster or better.

Generally, you can most other software than the use of the device itself .. Virtualdub should offer an alternative.

Den if the connection is and it s.and to work, the maximum size is not reached synonymous .... na da halt times I test another freeware tool that gave you the money already and now you want results, but unfortunately has a company synonymous schaun where you left and so are often supplied PROGIS mature or not, etc. and software such as the corner of Slashcam are recommended.

Look if this would work then the hardware is not s.der (AV BOX)

Alla Good luck
B. DeKid


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