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Frage von lo_snoop:

Hello everybody!

We have a huge problem with Pinnacle Liquid V6.1!
We have with a Panasonic NV-GS150 can record DV footage. The clips, however, can only be played on the connected camera and not on the source or timeline monitor.
Continue to appear in the trim Editor only one picture (the location of the locator) and the preview window is only a black picture to see.
For both cases (Source-/Timeline-Monitor and Trim editor) the sound is fine.
Hardware of the whole thing runs on a nVidia GeForce 5200 FX GO on a 15 Ghz Centrino with 1280MB RAM.
It would be very nice if we could be one of you weiterhefen, because we are close to despair (see time this thread)! :)

So, thank you once already! Stephan and Esat


Antwort von mkrawietz:

Here they are helped ...

... but not before filling out the profile and log ... fine



Antwort von lo_snoop:

Thanks for the link!

I once posted to the same thread and hope that I can help someone.
Seats grad them again and try my best, but so slowly walk from one of the ideas ...
Hoping for more tips and suggestions.



Antwort von Gromit:

Had the same problem but with 5700 + Liquid FX 7.0
Solution: New Drivers: 81.98_forceware_winxp2k_international_whql
Maybe it helps


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