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Frage von Lobster:

I'm working with Pinnacle Liquid Edition Pro 6.1 and the Panasonic AJ-D455 DVCPro VTR. Now I have the following problem and s.end with my Latin and rather desperate.

Capture of DVCPro with Liquid Edition Pro works well.
Editing in Liquid Edition Pro, too. But when Rausspielen of the material I have a seemingly unsolvable problem. The DVCPro stream that lands at the CNAC, has very little in indefinite intervals Video and audio dropouts dropouts (but not those with normal color square ...), the one watching the tape (hardly notice it if you listen closely, you Then, of course, jumps s.den Make the Picture a little bit and it usually gives a small "Cracker") in the sound. So far so bad. But it gets really great only if the material again zurückspielt, is again captured with Liquid Edition (only then it really struck me, synonymous). Then there are with any "dropout" is created when Rausspielen Extreme Video - Audio asynchronicities. The more jumps in ausgespieletem tape, the more moves with each time the sound to the Picture.
I already have both spoken with the support of Pinnacle as synonymous of Panasonic. No one can help me. All are just helpless and the only answer is always the same. Pinnacle: "Our customers work primarily with DV, DVCPro, we have no experience with (then synonymous should make no advertisements that Liquid can) cut DVCPro Edition. Panasonic: "You have to stop to buy a professional editing system, then it's already working".
I have been synonymous s.meinem average PC and swapped everything changed what was possible (DirectX versions, XP SP1, XP SP2, a firewire card instead Edition Pro breakout box, sound card, motherboard), ...

What should I do? Does anyone else have similar problem? Does someone with Liquid Edition & DVCPro? Why might that be? I think it probably is unfortunately s.der IEEE1394 Firewire interface, the CNAC (which is, according to Panasonic service in order) they are with the stream of Liquid Edition does not come to understand. What would be expensive, of course, if I had to replace the MAZ ... HELP!
Already thanks for any reply!

My system:
ASUS P4P800S motherboard Pentium 4 3.2 GHz HT, 1GB memory, MSI 6600GT AGP 128MB (or 256MB AGP Sapphire X700pro), Creative Audigy 2 sound card payments, DC1394W Adaptec Firewire card, Liquid Edition Pro 6.1 (with Service Pack 2), some ATA and S-ATA HDs, Adaptec ATA Raid PCI, Contour Shuttle Pro USB MX900 Laser Mouse USB, currently DirectX9.0c (synonymous've already tried with several 9.0-9.0b updates ),...


Antwort von silentzero:

Go to the discussion forum of times As you might be better helped.


Antwort von PowerMac:

Your problem is called
b) Pinnacle
c) Hardwarefrickelei

Sorry, that does not help. Liquid is unfortunately the program with which the filmmakers with their traffic XM2 or PD170 film their injuries and house fires. Seems simple does not prof. to be, if the give you a reply. Either because they have no idea, or it simply will not do.

Maybe a helping export via Quicktime. Speak to secure export as a Quicktime DVCPRO equipment / play and with another program.

Either it will be sooner or later a patch to put on a different setting or program you are trying to complete your software again. As pragmatic as that

For me this meant buying a Mac. And working.
Final Cut everything that is supported and no problems.


Antwort von gits:


In any case, must already have SP1 installed, so definitely no Windows SP2 - since there is evidence of problems with DVCPro. There is for LE Pro 6.1 now two SP's of Pinnacle. Install the synonymous times.

Synonymous all this does not help the error is likely s.der Firewire card to look. A colleague had exactly this problem with AVID Xpress DV. A solution was found with a specific Firewire card, we have good times and tried like 10. Unfortunately, I do not remember what it was.

An LE itself, it is certainly nothing wrong, otherwise there would be at Capture'n and Cutten had problems.

Incidentally, by no means a household-editing system. If one looks at how many major production companies to work with it, ussynonymous the SWR in Mainz. The problem has, in my opinion, two other names: WinXP - an "experience" in terms of computer problems and Panasonic ... rather than create what is really just builds and modifies Sonynach times 4:2:0 to 4:1:1 - in my work for two TV stations I come with BetaSP, DigiBeta, DVCAM, DVCPRO, and in touch - if it somehow a There problem is on the Panasonic unit.

But all personal opinion, therefore, of ... try 'views of the Pinnacle-SP's and do not begrudge the new XP setup, all the park and what is _only_ Liquid s.den Calculator.

VLG, the patient


Antwort von Lobster:

XP SP1 was ever installed.
The fact that XP SP2 does not work with DVCPro I know. I've tried it but still have time because not work anyway. Incidentally, nothing has changed - capture, edit everything as normal - my old problem still remained, however ...
Now I'm back on it XP SP1.
Liquid Edition SP1 + SP2, I have used synonymous since that appeared - I stop by regularly for updates to the site.

@ Pat: The problem was just as your colleagues? Have as synonymous here and there in the clip just missing just one or two frames? And when playing back the chaos? What kind of a deck was that?

Ich habs mal tested with Avid Xpress Pro 4.5.1. Worked without problems. Just the thing for me is expensive, but that I did not even ne nem preview video monitor. And Mojo this will cost as much again.
Well, maybe I still do not about other things than I zuzulegen Avid Xpress ... AVID, I like so s.sich very happy ...
Perhaps that will change with the version 7 Avid Liquid.
That indeed is supposed to get out in December.

The attack on Pinnacle because of poor support, I must first retract. Did the 2nd time around a 3 / 4 hours with the support phone. The take real time. Now I'm going where, at its request and, sometimes my system to send data (MSINFO32, directX, and information from Liquid ,...). Maybe they can do so but what?

In any case, thanks for the replies.
Am more grateful for any suggestions!



Antwort von Markus:

Another Markus ... to be synonymous here more and more! ;-)


Antwort von prem:


Two Markus ... yes, that's really funny. Who of you is because the original and who is the clone? * g *

The problem with my colleagues was exactly the same, right. The Maz is the smallest DVCPRO25, the Firewire standard, unfortunately, I do not know the exact type designation (Sony had only names by heart * g *).

AVID has ads not working properly. As I said, we have been through a very old OHCI Fierwire used to solve card, it is not so played out on the Pro-box a-and this is only active during the cut for the preview. If you additionally have an OHCI liquid in the system recognizes both, you can choose, which will be in use.

I doubt that the new Liquid 7, the problem resolves, but one never knows. Try 'views different firewire cards.

Dear Patient Greetings


Antwort von wrunge:

After weeks of testing I have now solved the problem so far.
DVCPro AJ-D455 VTR playout on of Pinnacle Liquid Edition Pro 6.1 works now!
I have the following settings in the menu of DVCPro VTR, which really for Avid Media Composer Adrenaline, Avid NewsCutter Adrenaline FX and Avid Xpress DV
intended uses are:

Panasonic AJ-D455E AJ-D455P & Device Setup
o Relevant Settings Menu
o 106 - PLAY DELAY 0
o 110 - F / R EE SEL EE
o 110 - STOP SEL EE EE
o 201 - 9P SEL OFF
o 220 - AV / C CMD SEL ON
o 303 - STD / NON-STD AUTO
o 503 - TC REG TC (s.least)
o 882 - DIF IN CH AUTO (use 63 W / FireBOB Pro)
o 883 - DIF OUT CH AUTO (use 63 W / FireBOB Pro)
o Relevant Panel Switches: Video In - DVCPRO / DV

Which in fact for the Rückspielung on the MAZ mainly only the points are 201, 202, 220, 303, 304, 503, 504, 882, 883 and 886 relevant.

So for all those who have similar problems with DVCPro decks:
Try to change once the above settings in the VTR menu.

But I still have a problem:
The Rückspielung of computer hardware, which the recorder DVCPro AJ-D455 is synonymous record of Liquid Edition Pro 6.1 does not work.
There are similar problems to me in the DVCPro had playout.
On the tape are in irregular intervals (in the same sequence repeated playout always s.unterschiedlichen points) dropouts of audio and video. At the Dropoutstelle it sounds as if the video would get caught short and will be played repeatedly (about 3-7 times) the same frames frames 1-2) (or recorded. Strobe-effect is so moderate.

Who has an idea what settings this time could remedy this situation?
The above settings for the DVCPro raffle I've tried all the values ....

Wiedermal with the request for your opinions ...

Love Greetings


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