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Frage von scholle:

Hello and good morning ...

... I recently had the chance to cut with Pinnacle Liquid 6, and am enthusiastic in principle.
Only with the exported sequences, I'm not satisfied. If you want short clips such as mpeg2 input, converts into an avi or quicktime, unfortunately, produces Liquid 6 Pinnacle Systems logo when exported file. For the subsequent processing bothers me the animal. This logo was I so far (I usually cut with Pinnacle Studio 9 or Premiere and convertiert) are not used to.

Is there a way to hide the logo, or was during the installation, or setting any mistake??

For helpful answers, thank you in advance ... already times



Antwort von Frank B.:


You have certainly worked with a demo version. Normally, there is no on-screen logos, unless one has consciously included by the picture composition.

Gruß Frank B.


Antwort von scholle:

... no ... it is not a demo version is registered and fully activated

Liquid 6 Built 3026 ... because it can not be so


Antwort von Nightfly!:

Moin moin!

What kind of AVI codec you've chosen?
Perhaps there is a special version of Pinnacle to be released?

As I have understood you, the LOGO is not present in other codecs when exporting. Correct?



Antwort von scholle:

what codec or what format I'll be som ... no preference. It grabs the logo always clean - unfortunately!

I have tried it both as Mpeg
Then I tried yet as it 2.0d2 avid avi and avi uncompressed.


Antwort von Dönerverkäufer:

Exactly the same problem I have synonymous. I do not know what to do about it yet. Even some effects have such a logo on it. I think when you import a new file is burned into this logo, because in the example video is no logo is visible. If there still also playing his own video yet it has a logo.

Help !!!!!!


Antwort von media-man:

I have exactly the same problem!
you have already a solution?

media one


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