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Frage von buggi:

Hello friends of the video possibilities

Once I have since 4 days s.meinem problem depends, I porbiere the way here.


The movies with my Video8 camcorder to be Sonyaufgenommen of digitalis.


1. Camcorder with Chinchkabel (yellow and red) s.die Movie Box DV of Pinnacle
2. Movie Box DV with Firewire cable s.das Notebook
3. Studio 8 is the data of the digitizer camcorder.


When attempting incorporated in Studio 8, depends on the software. Only solution. Power connector on the Moviebox draw after 10 seconds for the stream and the software responds again.


1. What is this problem? Almost not even 10 seconds of video digitizer?


1. Graphics card driver update
2. otherwise tried firewire cable
3. other sources such as VCR synonymous tried
4. Software uninstalled and reinstalled
5. Firewire patch for Win XP SP2 update

How can it be?

Am grateful for any help.

Please s.schnuppeldupf @ send the info ...

Bin m despair


Antwort von Markus:

"Buggi" wrote: Please s.schnuppeldupf @ send the info ...
Sorry, but ... verlange keine Antworten durch private Mails ;-)

"Buggi" wrote: verlange keine Antworten durch private Mails ;-)

5. Firewire patch for Win XP SP2 update verlange keine Antworten durch private Mails ;-)

See synonymous:


Antwort von Buggi:

Good Morning Mark,

Thank you for your reply.

Unfortunately, I can not much with this start, why should not I help by mail can expect? 've Seen in several post that your users have with mail!

Second Tip this story I have read and followed synonymous. Therefore yes synonymous updating the Firewire port or a new cable. I wrote already synonymous with my first contribution. Currently, I can confirm that my laptop connected via firewire cable hardware and recognize the synonymous acoustically confirmed that he worked for my first cable did not.

DV connector s.Camcorders can not be broken, because I do not s.meinem camcorder DV port has, so yes the MovieBox DV-between!

Firewire OHCI not Able ... I can not confirm, but let them go, because this notebook three months ago has been purchased.

Defragmented was almost in original condition harddrive synonymous although they do not need XP had said. Free space around 60 GB

Direct X drivers is synonymous been updated.

Inappropriate Capture software? I do not know, but if a system sells Pinnacle Studio 8 with Say MovieBox DV should then at least harminieren and or work?

Virus scanner is disabled, do I loose contact from.

To ensure that the link would be completed?

I stress again, 4 days have tried to read, etc. .. So I'm asking helped by Experienced. There's nothing left to me to get and I try again from the same.

Notes genügen'oder exchanges.

Thanks in advance.


Antwort von Markus:

You've obviously tried everything and did it as a reason for the failures of exclusive. - But what is with the Service Pack 2? Then you're not registered, even though I had just linked.


Antwort von oliver II:

"Buggi" wrote: why should not I help by mail can expect? 've Seen in several post that your users have with mail!
Because a forum through the open exchange of users' lives.
If everyone just his problem and help out in a closed form is, can the one who has a similar problem, not of a possible solution to benefit.


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