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Frage von Paul Punkt Paul:


is someone in possession of such a capture tool? Seems to be new, I find no precise descriptions / manuals.
Ratings, tests?

I want to digitize Hi8 material, and initially in uncompressed RGB or 4:2:2 uncompressed. Later, filter, or compress in MPEG2 or H.254 or so, the purpose of digital archiving.

Image quality criteria and synchronicity Picture / Sound.

Does anyone have experience? Compare? Alternatives?

The Paul.


Antwort von mena1309:


Paul did the same thing as before - Hi8 uncompressed on hard drive.

Get up after days of reading in various forums before deciding synonymous me the Pinnacle Studio MovieBox HD - to get the PCI card or external Studio MovieBox HD. Only I can not find any reviews on these products and would not buy a pig in a poke.

I gather from the forums that the successor to the Pinnacle MovieBox USB is a -500 (or the USB 700), as high quality hardware (software 'studio' because it is divided) for the capture of Hi8 videos recommended is.

By the way:
It is almost unbelievable how much this forum of some individuals, Canopus products are advertised (have) come close to the satisfaction of the other not s.die quality of the above devices (see article: digitizing Hi8 / what tool / format?) .
The recommendations for digitizing Hi8 find the Pinnacle products not mentioned.



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