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Frage von Bino:

Hi. If you want to give you my real me - I am hopelessly stupid and might not understand my mistakes nor the solutions ... ALSO: Have Pinnacle PCTV deluxe birthday get paid. Analog signals are supposed to be digitized at the thing. -So I Schlauli s.den scart output of my analogue satellite receiver set a Component - Cable (my Digi-Cam) and it connected s.das beautiful new device. The result: Grieseln, (computer crash has fortunately recovered of the shock again ...) and what really hurts: launch of the satellite. Can it be? Or has some crazed chance (I'm thinking s.den carelessly discarded Petunientopf of a whale accidentally kills ...) shot up my bowl? So again my question: Can it be??



Antwort von PcSince88:

Basically anything is possible. There are something like static electricity, potential differences or ungrounded or faulty equipment. (Leakage current)
The PC should definitely synonymous with the protective conductor must be connected as planned. So Schuko through the whole chain of connection to the outlet. People should indeed give such a hum problem with duct tape on the ground wire to solve ...... or with a Euro plug.
Do not forget to mention how synonymous nor random gossip.

Gruss - PcSince88


Antwort von GhostDog:

So but the Petunientopf ... Thanks for the reply. With Isoband I fummle usually not around. - Although I'm unbearable creative, but normally more inclined perfectionist (which, of course, thoroughly go wrong when you are not familiar) - a typical victim of my two zodiac (that are not worth as an explanation model is always ;-)).

Incidentally, the other channels of the multi-connector (not work as means of distribution?) Yet. We just umgestöpselt. A line is however, definitely in the bucket. LMA was probably really such a power ...

merci, lg



Antwort von Markus:

Hello Bino,

You have two sign? How is this? ;-)


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