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Frage von Timma:
Oktober 2005

Hello, and HELP! I'm of the morning to evening on it and drann, with miene Pro7 TV card to get Sat 1 and so on. But it is only foreign, 3-4 and German channels! If anyone has a Pinnacle PCTV Sat synonymous, and so on pro7 receives, he can send me Channel.xml the !?!??!?
I would be very happy ...


Antwort von Voltz:

Hello Timma,

before you in despair, take to heart the following advice and try it again:
- Use good shielded cable
- Ensure good attachment of the F-connector
- DECT phone off, remove / (especially true when problems with the reception of the broadcasting group Pro7, Sat1, N24, DSF) has

Antwort von heiko001:

I only get the same brob kanna .... sander pure

jeman brob has already solved this?

mfg heiko

Antwort von Markus:

Hi All,

may have nothing to do with it, but what TV standard you set your card to the TV?

Learn More:
What says "PAL" out alone?

Antwort von rh2k:

Hi All,

ihrgendjemand has the problem been solved? Synonymous bible tv and only get such a crap inside ... But no German channels

Antwort von steveb:

synonymous sounds as if he just followed a plane scans. schonmal the DiSEq settings checked? Could also be synonymous s.einer restricted frequency search. Bed: The frequencies are set incorrectly.
It is best to take a frequency list, and try using multitap a channel search. If this works, since it again next a piece.

Antwort von b0kaJ:

Can anyone recommend me a software?
Use the moment of the Pinnacle software supplied with PowerCinema.

However, there are the possible settings is very limited.
With my analog Kathrein Receiver, you can make a lot more settings.

Where can I check the DiSEq attitude?
How do I bring him to the two levels to check or to jump to the next level?

Antwort von Voltz:

Pinnacle delivers PowerCinema with the map?
I can not imagine. Where did you get the card from?

On my satellite PCTV software "PCTV VISION" (v3.2) was enclosed.
Additionally you have WinDVD and TREX is installed (auto with the installation of VISION).

Get you the s.Besten original software that belongs to your PCTV card to do so.

Antwort von rh2k:

The TV card was in a PC I've ordered installed at Media Online. It is at the Pinnacle 7010iX 6in1 TV tuners (2x Analog, 2x DVB-T, 2x DVB-S).

Where can I get this card to the original software? Have not found anything so far.

Antwort von Voltz:

Ah, I understand. Then it is not the "PCTV SAT.
The "Pinnacle 7010iX" does not exist in commerce, to my knowledge, it is only sold as an OEM version bundled with PCs. The software is then responsible for the Manufacturer. He can seize on it, what he wants.

Since you have the card erroneously described as "PCTV SAT," I'm assuming you want to record from satellite. In this case, try it once with the freely available for alternative programs. Whether they run with your 7010iX I can not promise, but with Pinnacle TV cards usually come along well. Good example are
WinSTB, MyTheatre, ProgDVB.
So simply google it.

Antwort von rh2k:

have the above software times tried ... None, however, with sw I'm getting the sender in the upper frequency band ... only bible tv and the foreign mist with which I can not do anything. I Can anyone suggest other software at the time I had success ..

Antwort von Fredos:

Hello ....!
Please try again with views ASTRA 19.2 degrees ....'re certainly on Hotbird * 13,
For satellite 1 transmits on Hotbird nich .... alsoSchüssel LEFT .......
And Bye ....

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