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Pinnacle Studio 10 - Fehlermeldung bei Film erstellen

Pinnacle Studio 10 - build error in film

Frage von fxbot:
Dezember 2005

Hi folks!

'm Pretty new to the field of video processing, but no accessories Beginners in dealing with software and. But how is it numal so I have a problem with my new Pinnacle Studio 10 If I want to make a movie I get every video format whether MPEG1, MPEG2 or AVI always the same error message:

Export error: real time

What does this mean?

Antwort von MiXMaster:

I have exactly the same problem as you!
Above all it is annoying that garnix of this error is in the documentation!
None here in the forum knows a solution??

Antwort von Voltz:

There is a FAQ of this Pinnacle.

"Studio copiers must be able to Rm.exe by the TCP / IP protocol. Your personal firewall software may under certain circumstances, however, show that attempts Studio gain access to the Internet, but this is not the case.
Most Programs firewall (Zone Alarm, Norton Internet Securiy, ECT), a message will show and ask if the program has permission to access the Internet. With Studio, you must confirm this message with Yes, it can communicate with the studio Rm.exe. Studio does not go completely off the internet.
You can verify this by running the cable to your DSL or cable modem of removing your PC. "

Alternatively, you'd have in the firewall, the file Rm.exe access to (localhost) geben.

Antwort von MiXMaster:

I have no firewall installed, but I have the Windows firewall disabled, it still does not work. What could it be? So slowly I lose the nerves with pinnacle software. Is constantly something.

Antwort von Markus:

Hi All,

Pinnacle Studio 10 on I read recently something interesting in the video forum. Effect of hardware on the stability of the software:

-> Studio 10 in use at cutting seminar

Antwort von Voltz:

With all due respect Mark, I think the contribution of this seminar organizer is so superficial that you wonder where the poster intends to find his competence.

S10 may have mistakes, I will not deny. But what pit_a writes there, I can not understand at all!

However, studio (no preference whether S8, S9 or S10 sets already) more emphasis on a tidy and DV editing equitable system environment. S10 uses the power of the next graphics card. Many alleged program errors can be traced back even to the fact that these antspricht the system, where the "recommended" equipment should certainly be viewed as the minimum necessary for efficient functioning.

Antwort von Markus:

"Voltz" wrote:
... I think the contribution of this seminar organizer is so superficial that you wonder where the poster intends to find his competence.

Pit is a very experienced respondents in the Video Forum and has worked for many years with different video editing programs and systems. In his experience, you can usually leave to synonymous if his descriptions often turn out very tight.

If you want to know more accurate representation of pits, I suggest you ask about in the video forum. Then it reads the correct synonymous ... ;-)

Antwort von MiXMaster:

Sorry that I am interfering in your discussion about "pit", but I have the solution to the problem!
After 10 minutes I! on hold waiting for the Pinnacle hotline and told me the nice support the solution to the problem, I'm really glad that it works now!

All you have to do is uninstall your "DivX Codec"! Then there is no "Export error" anymore!

The support told me that you have rausgefunden after the tests, unfortunately connected with the DivX codec.
And the with the errors associated with the graphics card is the biggest nonsense, sorry but here it was hanging s.Codec And if it gives poor results when rendering, which is related with the CPU. For instance, render an AMD CPU problems, therefore there is now the 10.1 patch! When preview is or jerk when you preview the effects may well depend s.der graphics card, but synonymous s.der CPU. But "Export Error" can not logically be s.der graphics card, no offense ;-)

Antwort von Voltz:

Always with the rest! For your problem, no one has written anything of the graphics card! My comment was merely a general nature about the problems that arise often in S10 to understand (the forums are full of users, which Graphic card for S10 is insufficient or would not make the effort to update the GraKa-Drivers).

It is not the way "of" 10.1 patch for AMD, but 10.1. 2!

But I am pleased that you have found the solution to your problem.
The Pinnacle support is not usually known for so much expertise. Since you seem really to have had luck! ;-)

Antwort von Gast:


synonymous here to the correct "incompetent seminar organizers' response: The error here has nothing to do with my problem with Pinnacle Studio 10 (that can be read s.entsprechender place - www.videoforum.de). It is my contribution to the use of Studio 10 in the network and business students and this works ONLY with administrator privileges can not be. This must sheepishly admit, even Voltz ;-)
As an obvious expert and advocate for Studio 10 should have read the threads more closely before we rashly falls his opinion of others.

We are synonymous, the hardware requirements and Grakartenproblematik not unknown, we have been working for over 10 years with Fast / Pinnacle products s.Studio8 and know where we get the drivers here. Others do their homework.

It provides clarification. Who wants to know how to Studio 10 in the proposed seminar Operation: From the 15.12.05 the next 10 students to start with the cut. We'll see ...

Greeting and no offense :-)

Antwort von Voltz:

Hi Pit,

Here are, in fact, three issues have been mixed together - mea culpa! The undercurrent of my subordinates 'incompetence' I accept you as a person with great regret explicitly back!

Nevertheless, I would like - with all the justified criticism s.der Studio software - sometimes more objectivity in the error description. Often enough, the real problem lies between the ears of the user ;-)



Antwort von MiXMaster:

Hello Michael,

You're right, what premature to frustration expressed exhalations (of course synonymous my) concerns. In hindsight, many see it harmless from and sometimes even reaches a look at the manual. However, one should always read something synonymous next, before you cut his thoughts into the keyboard, Personal forums really should be left in general (although some quite challenging :-))

As it is written in the video forum already - I have nothing against criticism, synonymous'm not omniscient, but not synonymous stupid. It was a misunderstanding and Aneinandervorbeireden, so what comes next before and is not tragic, and certainly not if it is correct. Thank you.

Greeting and no gray hairs

Antwort von peterreichert:

I have the same problems.
It can not be serious, that one difficulty raussucht all codecs, irritate the Pinnacle and then deletes them!
I have a feeling that is with the Pinnacle Studio 10 (completely overwhelmed Pro) and not getting the problems under control!
This application will cost me a lot of nerve, and above all, a lot of time invested in vain!
Strange as Pinnacle does not have a competitor to begin to render these problems. Pinnacle has only a small bonus in terms of ergonomics. Too bad that the application is useless in terms of performance, stability and reliability when rendering.

Antwort von Bruno Peter:

I geammelt with version 10.2 (Beta) very good experience, even with HDV DV editing.

Antwort von peterreichert:

The new version 10.2 (beta) is currently reingestellt but were only now?

Are you here now all rendering problems and stability issues and performance problems been solved? "Go at once to the sun"? :-)

Antwort von xsalee:


I have just read a lot and tried everything. But it does not work.

I worked a 3 hour video (divided in 3 parts, of course) so 3 movies. The first two have problems with rendering video to a DVD menu and can be played without problems on the DVD player. In the 3rd Film, there are problems.

My DivX codec was installed in the first two synonymous, and it ran without any problems. For security this time I have uninstalled the codec and so tried, as has been described here.

There has not worked. So I do not think that it is s.dem DivX codec.

I had several pages of some effects and transitions me with concern of the private users were made. The I installed after I've written the first two films.

I have now reset the PC as these effects were not yet installed. 'm Currently s.testen whether it works this way.

Namely, the presumption that had strong effects s.diesen it is unofficial.

Do you have effects on it as synonymous with you?

Once I know more, I call again.

Antwort von xsalee:

Once Hallöchen,

it worked.

Export Error: Real Time is abolished upon me.

Since 3 days I've been looking for the solution, and just stated that it has nothing to do with the DivX codec.

As described above, I installed a few effects and transitions of private people (on their own responsibility was given).

Then I had this Export Error: Real Time errors.

Now, after I uninstalled it, it's working properly.
My DivX codec on it and is still just as synonymous Antvirenscanner.

I advise you, if you have used some plugins synonymous (of Home), to remove and try again to.

I for one am happy about that I could finish my video.

I hope that I can help some.

Have often looked in this forum for different solutions, sometimes found an answer, sometimes not.

Some are here, unfortunately, while deterring or giving someone like an oblique response and people. Fortunately, this is not true for the majority. In this sense,

PS: Has anyone tried that with the codecs? I would be very interesting times, because I did not notice it because the error lies.

Antwort von erict21:

"fxbot" wrote:
Hi folks!

Export error: real time

What does this mean?

Sorry for my english, I do not speak German well ...
Today I had this problem all of a sudden too, and also solved it ...
I use Studio 11 with HollywoodFX (POSTER) installed.
For unknown reasons all of the bonus off Hollywood FX transitions did not work anymore.
This was something I did not see immediately. Thus, the error probably means that some part of your movie / project can not be rendered ...

I removed and reinstalled HollywoodFX via the bonus DVD, and all wordked fine after that. I hope this might be helpful to others ....

Greetz Eric

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