Infoseite // Pinnacle Studio 11, Sony Digicam, recording devices under Vista does not recognize.

Frage von ReFi:

Did Studio 11 on the new Calculator (Vista 32 bit) installed.
About the Firewire connection is detected and processing with
The Vista's programs are offered.

Unfortunately, Studio 11 does not recognize the Aufnehmegeräte (SonyHC 3 and DCR PC 101 E) - it seems the standard error.

The Pinnacle support has tried to help - without success. If now
Drivers of missing at Sony - Sonyan Microsoft - an endless loop, without success.

Can anyone help or has anybody the same problems?
I would be happy about an answer.


Antwort von Steinwider:

Have the same problem. Wanted it by installing a second HD with XP-Prof-SP2 to solve, but since the audio response and network cards on board no more. Attempted it through extra PCI audio and NW-boards and XP on the second HD, which is then worked, but the sequences are not all on the IEEE 1394 transferred correctly, so it is useless. The hardware and boards are synonymous halt all trimmed on Vista and XP only usability. Have an HP Pavilion AMD 2x 6000 and all conditions to Pinnacles requirements, but there are soft and Hardwaranbieter not quite agree. Never more a Pinnacleupgrade I swore. Pros Version 9 was the last "working"! Take an old box and install Studio 9 under XP pro and the thing works out. This Vista is just immature and all PC Manufacturer Aeff thing after the halbausgereifte. Sonysonnt are synonymous from the expensive and supports playback devices such as the DV-D900E GV Walkmen in no way synonymous. in any case there is there and because of no help and you will be sent in the circle. I bojkotiere now these companies in the future with my purchases! The only turnover in the head and little quality and compatibility.


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