Infoseite // Pinnacle Studio DC10 Pros synonymous with other video editing software available?

Frage von terrafilm:


I now have cards for some time been a Pinnacle Studio DC10 Pros analog video for my video camera. Since I really only an occasional movies and actually make a little more, the photographer has a digital'm not an issue for me at the moment.

My problem is that I simply can not get the card with Adobe Premiere or any other software to use. Only the Pinnacle Studio software works. Is it really so, the man with this card s.The Pinnacle software is bound or I'm wrong.

While the Pinnacle software is easy to use but as I have previously worked with my old video card always with me and premiere of the feature set seems too little studio, I would actually like to work again with Premiere.

Would I be pleased about an answer



Antwort von Markus:

Hello Marc,

NLE editing cards often work only with certain programs. My Matrox video card would have eg Premiere, nothing else.

But perhaps is this: If you could capture with Pinnacle and then edit the shots in Premiere?


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