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Frage von cordys:


got me the title of Pinnacle Deko just downloaded and had to find with dismay that the function "Transparent background" in the titles does not work. Can therefore make no transitions, but always have a black background.

Weiss jmd here why?
Is it s bug because of the free download?
Or gibts Tips and Tricks?
Does anyone know maybe a different program, with which one professional (can create sub) title and it's still easy to use?
If yes, where you can download sowas?

Thanks to you


Antwort von cordys:

Hi again,

Forgot've got something crucial: I'm working with Premiere 6.0. The program book would therefore have to be compatible.


Antwort von Frank B.:

It's been a while since I've cut with Premiere 6.0, but was not because of the Pinnacle Titler missing? Or was the only NLE editing cards of Pinnacle, which were bundled with Premiere so?
As it was synonymous, must somehow be integrated into Premiere, a title tool.

Frank B.


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