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Frage von Nine:


I'm on Consider me the 11er Ultimate version to buy and have two absolute amateur questions ;-)

1) I would like to know which transitions (packs) are already unlocked. I just read that you need to buy everything for a lot of money and because I myself as a "hobby-user" ;-) s.den very numerous transitions glad that I had laboriously can unlock up to the 10s version, I now fear that the 11er version, so to speak, except the standard offers nix transitions. But I can not upgrade, but should be completely re-install.

2) I have some shit that my Vaio laptop with Pinnacle is overwhelmed: Vista, Intel Core 2 Duo T7250 2 GHz, graphics card: Intel Graphics Media Accelerator (GMA) X3100. Has anyone experiences, whether in practice is sufficient?

Had great, because if I could help somebody else.


Antwort von immanuelkant:

To 1
how you put your old transitions / licenses to continue to use it, I do not know, because I did not have the problem. At least the license agreement should go, I mean ...
The Ultimate pack is intended as transitions to the 100 released in it, for my needs perfectly sufficient.

On 2
Processor extends the perfect, if you did not before AVCHD editing.
Whether your GPU graphics rendering support, I dare to doubt - as you will in other words the "Hardware acceleration" probably can not use what is reflected on the performance expected. Then necessarily the rendering in the background on.
In DV - Video (PAL) is certainly not a problem - if I do not dare HDV prognosis.

Memory should be at least 2GB.

Otherwise, the software is highly recommended. Am now about 6 months satisfied: stable and ergonomic! It comes quickly to good results.
Runs also with my configuration and HDV 1080i superperformant!


Antwort von Nine:

Quote: The Ultimate pack is intended as transitions to the 100 released in it, for my needs perfectly sufficient.

Thanks for your answer!
Perhaps you could tell me what kind of transitions are (the subject-at Pinnacle but are thematically arranged in groups). Just so I can categorize what they are and what pack I should buy new :-( 100 transitions sounds actually quite low in comparison to what I had here so far ...


Antwort von memyself&I:

Really accurate can watch the forum Pinnaclesys say, but (I can not s.den grad Calculator with studio 11) look, at S10, the first 3 (Standard, Alpha and Hollywood) are identical, while always remaining few (such as synonymous its predecessors), BUT:
Have you purchased HFX times? Then it should be synonymous with S11 freischaltbar to support the need for the code request!
I think you can under "Setup/bearbeiten- premium content show off, then you should see what all can use.
Übrigends you ALWAYS install (If you, with regdelete) NEW, synonymous with the upgrade pack, so ALWAYS have previously bought or HFX ...- packs must be reinstalled wrden! synonymous with details about the Pinnaclesys (deusch) forum. because you will of the "Pinnacle workaround professionals" well informed, and often synonymous directly linked to old posts!
If thou therefore a non-Ori-UPgrade_Version've no preference whether S8, S9, S10, S7, you can upgrade, because you need only once for the original disc when you install, nothing more!

Pal For Your calculator should be ok, I guess AVCHD, alone because of the graphic solution rather not. In the occupied Pal Calculator (for me) rarely synonymous (under Xp) over 1 GB of Ram.
I suspect that Vista is now running better than XP, therefore you will probably be satisfied if you want to do the same thing as before with S10 because it works better!
Whether you sound soap (one of the 3 extra for Ultima) need, especially the Freischaltearie (and on a laptop in every case the patch BEFORE unlock, Pinnacle update page), you will only know later.

Have fun when running, it is better than any predecessor, if not, just like all previous


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