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Frage von mixfux:

Hello, having problems with Pinnacle Studio 11 Pros:

1.Habe files of a JVC Everio GZ-MG 130 on the PC, which is as synonymous. MOD in Pinnacle opened. However, changing the format of 19:9 to 4:3, if I s.den individual files something cut before I render it.


Antwort von kowi:

What did you think in the Setup Project default under a project format?


Antwort von mixfux:

No, because I'm already over by, and have selected the 16:9 unchanged. MOD files so synonymous leaves it at 16:9. only when I cut something, or render 2 files together, it is the format, then displays synonymous with re. Mouse on the file that it is 4:3, but is not deposited. I'm now quite annoyed because the synonymous authoring is much more complicated than I of the usual DVD LAB am


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