Infoseite // Pixel aspect ratio D1 / DV PAL 16:9 (, 1.42)

Frage von mwfun:


I will spend a movie in the above format. Unfortunately, there are in After Effects CS4 This pressure has only 1.46. This results in top and bottom black bars.

Does anyone know this problem?

Output should be DV PAL anamorphic 720x576 1024x576 Mov

My composition settings: PAL D1 / DV 16:9

At Adobe I've found the following:

Here is the pixel Seitenverhältins of 1.42 was changed to 1.46. How can I avoid that?

Thanks in advance.


Antwort von Mylenium:

Well if you've already found the page, you've got the solution already synonymous - 1050x576. Because you should output to 720x576 anyway, it's could not care less, whatever the equivalent square pixels was drawn up and you may yet be completely care less if the customer that then imported into a system that works even under the old formula.



Antwort von Jott:

Exactly, the pixel aspect ratio is only one to play important value, to create your file is completely no preference.


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