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is there a good program (; possible freeware) to play AVCHD files (; of a Sonycx505)?
've Used VLC Player, but with AVCHD has a few problems:
- No time display
- Deinterlacing must be activated each time of Hand
- Some visual errors and crashes

Is there any other proggie that can do it better?

And another question, how is it possible, from the videos rauszucapturen reasonably good aniframes? With VLC see the captures from always very pixelated (; event. Synonymous half-frames because of?)
If I only Vidoe process of change in a progressive format and then captures do see a lot better, so the potential is there, but it is synonymous directly from the raw material not yet converted?


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Antwort von tommyb:

This is for example with the Media Player Classic in conjunction with ffdshow. This requires, however, turn off the internal h264 decoder of the MPC - he accesses ffdshow.

In ffdshow you can then turn a deinterlacer limit switch of 50p or 25p produced. This can be synonymous to create a profile - then you can switch between 50p and 25p.


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