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Frage von joergfrommann:

Sure there on this subject already a Fred, please tell me on it as I pull away to you!

Topic: proper format for good Ausspielqualität with acceptable file size - a H264 mov me is not so satisfied.

My case: A 50-minute film with much Gaussian blur, used in the H.264 (as so often in gradients) is uebles with streaks. I would like to s.Ende a file so in the size of 2 GB max (a 16:9 PAL Project) at the best possible quality.

Now experimenting with it, it with the DV-PAL codec and then play off about MPEG Streamclip to convert into an mp4.

What you would have for recommendations?

Thanks in advance!


Antwort von Axel:

50 minutes to 2 GB file size for Pal, which would in H.264 for the web * * perfectly fine, it would correspond to ~ 5 Mbps. H.264, MPEG4, just as in the case. "Mov". It is the best without any doubt solution to as low as possible to get a movie, but synonymous only makes sense. When it comes to archiving and presentation of first-class disk or Calculator, there are better solutions. As I said, Web! Mpeg2, the less effective DVD codec provides 8 Mbps very good results.

Blur (your Gaussian filter), dark, fast movements, but synonymous simple patterns, such as in graphics, which are challenges for the codec, you just have to know.

> The encoder should have allowed multiple passes, too fast encoding contains more errors. Lasts forever felt, at least synonymous with very fastest Macs much more than real time.

> Curves, darker shades and blur bokeh can be viewed either as a large amount s.Informationen drastically simplified as synonymous. The task of the encoder is little information the Picture to describe with as possible, and leads in all these cases, terraced steps with billowing pixel clouds (dir this description should drastically be in order, you complain to designate effects that, at even smaller data rate would be exactly so). A good tip, by the way of WoWu, is to export a version of the film to create before, the grain is coated with light (> Effects> Stylize> Add Noise> Gaussian interference> film grain, low level of 0.08 or even below last). The additional amount s.Kokolores to make the encoder must be forcing him on the one hand, a closer look "and makes it easier for him on the other hand, a complex picture with very few notes and to describe steps. If you are interested, the underlying principle, look at wiki under "dither" to. That sounds like a lot of effort, but it is the best method.



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