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Playstation 2 an PC Anschließen via Composite

Playstation 2 s.PC Connecting via Composite

Frage von smit2289:
Mai 2006

Hello all,
'm new here, but polite've found the search, and somehow there's None so exactly on it.
So, I want via the composite input to connect the Playstation 2 s.meinen PC and play there.
In several forums I've read that the well off, would be possible programs ChrisTV and VirtualDub.
I have it in both programs not work out how! Can someone help me? Have the Aldi PC Medion MD 8386th The Playstation is synonymous connected properly and it is a composite input () unsure.
As a program for TV, I was PowerCinema 4 shipped, but it has a few functions and there I find nciht with composite or the like.
Thanks in advance,

Antwort von Nomadski:

So if your TV card has a composite input, then you should be able to select the drivers in synonymous. VirtualDub is not really suitable for it - that is to capture process - and made of videos. Would be better suited as DScaler (http://www.dscaler.org/) Returns normally achieve a better result than the included TV software. Then, the TV card but have a Conexant chip. To exploit the full picture quality of the playstation, but it would probably s.besten an RGB to VGA converter. thou canst then connect the PS directly s.Monitor. High-quality converter but are not exactly cheap. I do not understand anyway why have donated the Playstation no VGA output.

Antwort von rush:

hey ... synonymous times have finally connected with my ps2 to vga card .. funzt good! only dne ton I have to adapt somehow ...

InterVideo WinDVR use the program .... was at my tv card here and on the remote control I can choose between different input sources ... in either "composite" appears to me the ps2 ...

Antwort von smit2289:

jo, funtioniert for me it is now synonymous, with DScaler ... but have the same problem as you;) no sound ... but as long as the picture there is, I can not wait for the sound ...

Antwort von Daniel_23:

I DScaler synonymous. Imho, the best TV program.

The sound can be easy with nem Of Chinchbuchse to 3.5 adapter cable to feed it into the line in jack on your PC. Then comes the synonymous.

Antwort von Herr Doberstein:

"Daniel_23" wrote:
I DScaler synonymous. Imho, the best TV program.

The sound can be easy with nem Of Chinchbuchse to 3.5 adapter cable to feed it into the line in jack on your PC. Then comes the synonymous.

joa just as I thought synonymous to me .... just wanted to connect it via the optischne digital audio output, but did dat nich so recht ...
Now comes soon so nen adapters between them, is already aufm weg;)
wenns your opinion and order work, have done right ... yes ichs

Antwort von mexxx_86:

Until then, I have complied with all the DScaler ... but I still do not know how I sound unravel ... help?

Antwort von Daniel23:

As it connects to the PS 2? With nem S-Vhs Cable?

As yet synonymous 2 audio RCA cable would have to be there. Since n of RCA adapter needed to latch the connector you will) back into the line in (pure blue. Then you have the DScaler still select the Line In and then should go to.

Antwort von Jan69:

need help with time DSclaser what to do exactly??

Antwort von b.wildcat:

hey, I've connected my ps2 synonymous on composite plugs and the other two (white and red) s.den Pc, but I just get pure tone. Can I choose the composite input somewhere to video

Antwort von derdirk:

Synonymous s.PC I connected my PS2 (composite) Have synonymous Picture and sound and use of Interwin WinDVR and WinCoder. However, I would like to synonymous Record. The Picture disappears more and you only see green when I click on Recording. Why is that? How do I get off it?

Antwort von flocki:

Hello all together,

I have my ps2 on chinch nen - s-video adapter s.meine tv card (FlyTV Platinum Of lifeview) connected. ton and visual funtzt However, although the graphic quality is sau bad (because you get almost augenkrebs). is the s.meiner tv card that the net is as good or s.meiner vga card (geforce fx5200 with 12MB)? because if I play or television zock is looking much better picture quality.

oh well by nen adapter is sure what bissl s.bildqualität lost but so much of is ....

thanks in advance

Antwort von JohoJO:

Hey hab synonymous DScaler funzt but net ... what I need to adjust in the settings, I get a Picture of the PS2 and can play?
Thanks Jonny

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