Infoseite // Please buckle up - is Final Cut update in early 2011?

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Hier geht es zur Newsmeldung: Please buckle up - is Final Cut update in early 2011?


Antwort von Ian:

Wait and tea ähhh cut with Premiere.


Antwort von pixler:

I do not know what it always s.der average performance of Final Cut Pro is to complain about - the problem is the entire final cut studio package in the first line of the workflow! if not soon Seriously what does - then I will sooner or later switch to Softimage DS. Desired, would be a cut & compositing tool a la Softimage DS with integrated color grading.
The eternal and forth between the applications out, I'm a bit tired.

Otherwise I do not really slow which reason they sang a top compositing tool as simple shake and sunk without trace.


Antwort von gekkonier:

The DS is indeed a fine thing. However, it costs about 10 times containing synonymous (the software alone) than the FC Studio. I work myself and so would not miss it. You can editing software with the enclosed grading software containing hardly compare with a compositing system, right?
And why the eggs could have killed me Shake synonymous None plausible explanation.


Antwort von JossJoss5000:

I do not think that FCS is before the summer, that is, before Mac OS X Lion. Maybe there in March, ne Preview or something to increase the anticipation. But summer suits synonymous to normal 2-year cycle of the suite / Final Cut Pro. And the WWDC of Apple in July, good opportunity for a presentation.

Start with a Lion would have synonymous meaning when it is so, like Philip Hodgetts has performed well: (the topic is often synonymous in front of his podcasts)

He thinks that to get a 64bit version in Cocoa reached, must replace the current one actually get rid of Quicktime multimedia framework in OS X and modern with code such as the A / V Foundation from IOS.
This fits synonymous to the basic idea of Lion features from iOS back to get a Mac.
That would open the door for more synonymous native format support.
The best proof that this is all working well so iMovie for iPhone:
One can-Long-GOP HD H.264 cut material in real time on a phone (on a phone!). Final Cut Pro would have it so its little problems ...

For this reason, Final Cut Pro 8 as a flagship product for Lion would make a good impression (in addition there are all the features of Leopard such as graphics accelerator cards, multiprocessors, fuss, etc., that somehow still using no big developers really noticeable).

I think if Apple is serious, we must fasten our seatbelts. But not before the summer.


Antwort von rudi:

"Gekkonier" wrote:
And why the eggs could have killed me Shake synonymous None plausible explanation.

Ron Brinkman, former Apple employees and Shake collaborator once said the following:

"Shake what discontinued years ago and a good chunk of the team (myself included) have long since moved on. Apple does not build products for high end niche markets ... the support requirements alone make it uninteresting to them."

This explains many things and yet have come directly of a very reliable source that should know.


Antwort von pixler:

is still very strange to buy a high-end software in order to einzustampfen then 2-3 years later? because it would shake so synonymous can sell - but that left it was the one not too proud of Steve?

we'll see - if FCS has to offer in this direction in the next release anything, then there may actually be the case - that the brilliant work of the shake developer was kicked in the tonne.


Antwort von joey23:

I would extend it if the shortcuts in Final Cut Pro would run clean. Otherwise I'm satisfied.


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