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Frage von bubblegum:


I have the following starting materials:

HI-8 film was cut and copied to VHS, which are original HI-8 tapes to no more.

VHS has been copied with a VCR directly to DVD, this DVD is now my starting position.

The following things I would like to solve:

- Eg interlacing interference filter, etc
- VIDEO-TS convert file to get the same sound in addition to Picture editing programs like Sony Vegas or Adobe.

According to Gspot codec is not necessary, should all have also.

I had the VIDEO-TS files before editing a previously converted to AVI (; unkompremiert s-mpeg4 gspot loud).

This AVI file was first I tried Avisynth filters made with little success, got me the trial version Adobe After Effects and get out a bit more.

However .... I had after working with After Effects does not sound a lot more! And once I import the AVI file plays at all the previews, as well as from any sound, in contrast to the usual players for Windows systems.

Good, I took out the trial version of Sony Vegas 9 and tried there some filter synonymous here ... no sound of the AVI file before and after processing.

I discovered now that the Windows Media Player Classic also has filter. I played the original files videot s.and the filter activated eg deinterlace, etc. ..

Here I had the best results, strangely, I can handle the filter from Windows Media Player Classic and convert and save the movie?

A fundamental question is just how I get any sound when I watched the movie of teletext to AVI converted and opened it in AE or Sony Vegas ...

It will kill s.Information and opportunities, Codecs etc. ... I hope I find help here

Thank you!


Antwort von jwd96:

You want the MPEG transport stream that is to deinterlace AVI and convert, right?
Tasting times with Mpeg Stramclip. Which is free, you can deinterlace the movie and if you get it after you are converting AVI guarantee good results and the sound is synonymous here. You do, however, the MPEG 2 playback component for QuickTime.


Antwort von wolfgang:

You can but the VOB files of the DVD and import directly without any conversion in Vegas ... which should provide you the best possible quality, synonymous and the sound problems, there should be not there. The detour via mp4 is more pointless and possibly quality costs.


Antwort von tommyb:

Avisynth is already the right way ...

1) The VOB files to make available as a source
You need the program


Antwort von wolfgang:

All a bit complicated, bad, I think. Here one can import the vob files directly in Vegas ...


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