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Bitte um Hilfe Welches Programm?

Please help Which program?

Frage von mike02:
Juli 2009

Hello all together,

I have the panasonnic SD 300 zugelgt, would now like the videos made as soon as it comes on the Pc are synonymous, and upload it on youtube.

I just get so bad every time Quallität familiar with the many videos of deliver far better than the cheaper Cams Qualli expensive.

I'm really s.verzweifeln, please can you help me.

Many thanks in advance


Antwort von Markus73:

Do not you think that it would be incredibly useful for your concern, indicate the software used here and the existing workflow?

Synonymous or you're going to the doctor and say, "Doctor, sometimes does it hurt me somewhere?


Antwort von makiHD:

Hi mike02,

then i will start trying to you as best we can to help.

Nevertheless, I must agree markus73, a little more information would be really helpful!

But here are some general tips, de apply for each program:

You have an SD-300. This reopens in HD. Consequently, you musstt in all projects:

1.) The default settings on HD or High Definition AVCHD or ask (; in Premiere Pro CS4 AVCHD as 1080 50i

Cut 2.) until ALL go out, then everything s.Stück-so do you think the render generations "low, namely to: 1

3.) WHOLE WICHIG! Choose as MPG-2 codec and bit rate controller to turn all s.den stop - everything just goes!
In Pinnacle Studio 12 as the 25000kbit / s, Premiere Pro can with the MainConcept encoder MPG are already 50000kbit / s.
And in any case constitutes an 2pass encoding.
It takes longer, these settings are optimal, or extended in order to get a lot of quality.

4th set) Tonausgabeformat synonymous the way of the selected camera. Whl takes your Cam synonymous in 5.1. Accordingly, select synonymous as Tonausgabeformat Dolby Digital 5.1, synonymous rotate the bit rate to maximum.

5.) You load up on YouTube. Be good and forget the integrated function of the editing software to upload directly from the program on YouTube, because mistakes happen very often, such Seitenverhältns.

Therefore, until all are generated as MPG2, and then upload these large file up on YouTube.
Note, however: You can only upload 1GB per video.
That means: If your video is produced approximately 1.07 GB, then you have to turn down something from the video bit rate control, so that you the best 1024MB exhausts. If your video in any case remains under 1GB, even better.

Note, however, continue to: 1024 MB upload might take all night!

How good the quality will be then, however, you can see here an example: The source video was, incidentally, and has 800MB gro0 used with DSL 2000 6h. Good DSL 2000 is lame. But troztdem the network can indeed synonymous lame mal ...

Of course, switching to HD!

So, I hope this helps you some.

Oh yes: YouTube takes up to an hour ago, until it has converted your file in full of excellent ...

Antwort von Piers:

Here in the forum before 1 or 2 months gabs nen very, very good thread relating to "encode for youtube. With super export settings for maximum quality on youtube.
Have unfortunately not bookmark it, but the search should dig it can.

Antwort von mike02:

erstmal vielen Dank s.alle have responded so quickly.

yes she was right as you can go to the doctor and not tell where the shoe presses.

So I have time only for the camera, no program has been provided a program with of Panasonic (; hd writer), but irgednwie good for nothing. jedenfalss if I want to see the videos over the program, the image and the speed of the ton of wildly off the mark I will not at talk.

Now I need a Programmemphelung for a beginner like me

I now have of adobe after effects, sony vegas cyberlink, etc. But everything belongs to everyone says something else and now I know not what program should I get.

I beg pardon me for asking my time consuming but I am quite s.anfang and hope that one or the other I may understand from experience.

could perhaps be synonymous because I greater Pc / need my laptop is no longer the latest which would be here at least anforderrung?

I thank you in advance for any reply and hope I get it once the possibility to make amends.


Antwort von mike02:

Forgive me, I do not want to contribute or rude but I would urge jeamdn explain what the program is the simplest for my purposes because I am advised to stop in time.

Many thanks in advance


Antwort von heimax:

Power director of CyberLink. Demo version here: http://de.cyberlink.com/products/powerdirector/overview_de_DE.html?affid=2581_490_479_2_0_DEU_powerdirector&utm_source=FeaturedSoftware&utm_medium=FeaturedSoftware_2_powerdirector&utm_campaign=Homepage

Antwort von mike02:

super thanks

With what are the programs like Sony Vegas, etc., for the more advanced or may be because a beginner like me to work fast in?


Antwort von B.DeKid:

Will you know the starters are all creating Progis ... Premiere, AVID, FinalCut Pro and ... because it will be a bit harder.

Does that not the starter Progis are no good ... Windows Movie Maker projects have already seen the tip I found.

B. DeKid

Antwort von mike02:

Perhaps someone knows if there are videos on the net to show how such a man with the program of cyberlink deal with them?

Antwort von Piers:

Yes, here.


would recommend the first link.

Antwort von B.DeKid:

LOL you are so Miess with the LMGTFY Schei **, but always a laugh worth the story ;-)

B. DeKid

Antwort von mike02:

"B. DeKid" wrote:
LOL you are so Miess with the LMGTFY Schei **, but always a laugh worth the story ;-)

B. DeKid

Grüss you,

I did not understand now LMGTFY

And thanks again Vilen s.alle have Contributed here.

One question I would have what would be the minimum of the computer that I need for a fluid processing?

Antwort von mike02:

So now with powerdiretor soweti've done everything but the converted video is still in a disastrous state we can not recognize the picture RICHITGE are signs in purple features through the whole building is synonymous rukelt terrible.

I'm really s.end

I could help someone freundlciher again as the terminal


Antwort von mike02:

have the time now, with such a bad Qualli uploaded to youtube, the picture looks even better now, but when I do play the hd in it again rukelt??

Antwort von B.DeKid:

The LMGTFY referring to Piers link.


AVCHD should be dealt with latest computers.


Do you have SUPER eRightsoft of the Calculator?

Test "to get it if if you a short test clip of your camera so reconversion if the quality is better then.

Settings you can see the Picture.

B. DeKid

http://erightsoft.podzone.net/GetFile.php?SUPERsetup.exe Direct download link to Super

Antwort von mike02:

gruss s.alle again.

would now like to upgrade with a laptop you can please help me again wnieg book.

can you recommend me some equipment?

synonymous with what made your experience you viellecht hr.



Antwort von idolum:

Google You know, right?

The first match with the keyword: super -


It would also be helpful to know what you s.derzeitiger hardware available? Perhaps it would be so rich, if you cut the AVCHD Mist umkodierst before?

Antwort von mike02:

Vieln thanks for your effort,

I must admit that I am still wnieg awkward one, as I said, I am quite new to the department and hope you have with me a little patience.

So with the Hardwar mean sihcerlch Lapi is a slightly older modeel indeed synonymous to me why I want to grow a new one.

1.73 GHz (;(;(;(;

504, ram

had a pretty good to me is lost, I now have a replacement as I said, I'd appreciate any suggestions eire Lapi optimall for video editing and would be feasible for mcih synonymous priced so I thought s.max 1800 ¬

Antwort von idolum:

Ok, for HD DV editing your laptop is not really need to.

The PC market, I have not in my view, therefore, I can tell you not propose any specific products, but all the smallest MacBook is equal or superior to, should be enough.

Here, once the MacBook, as a benchmark or as a suggestion ;-)


Of course, always tuck as much RAM as possible. In this case, it would be 4 GB.

Antwort von mike02:

my buddy gave me get myself together to baun

has given me the following data

1 x LG Electronics GH22NS50, SATA, black, bulk in computers VV 22.50
1 x Enermax PRO82 + 425W ATX 2.3 (; EPR425AWT) for VV-computer 59.40
1 x 3.20GHz AMD Phenom X4 955 II Black Edition, 4x, boxed, (HDZ955FBGIBOX) for VV-computer 159.90
1 x GeIL Value DIMM Kit 4GB PC3-10667U CL9-9-9 (; DDR3-1333) (; GV34GB1333C9DC) at rexstone 66.89
1 x ASRock M3A780GXH/128M, 780G (; dual PC3-10667U DDR3) in rexstone 71.13
1 x Western Digital Caviar Black 640GB, SATA II (; WD6401AALS) at rexstone 60.84

soweti is it ok?

Antwort von B.DeKid:

Yes you can leave the PC, and composition for a lap You give no more than 600 euros - everything else is a waste of money!

Go to kucken at Acer or HP can do nothing wrong with.

Thus you had a FestPC a laptop and what more could you want?

B. DeKid


Mac Book, guideline and a lot of RAM .... so is clear, - / (and if I already hear - LOL), Apple's Face It Sucks!

+ A reference to Google and SUPER, and I had already posted him the link to jump SUPER - ask yourself who can not read it here;-D

Times I would just like to see one of me - except the advantage of Final Cut Pro can - make it clear why this should buy a Mac nen normal mortals - only once, so really I'd be glad!

The only thing that was worthwhile was purchased before 4 to 5 years, Apple shares !!!:-)

Antwort von heimax:

Perhaps the people who have a Mac so really recommend Shares Purchased, and fear that now before the vertigo with the "infallible Mac blows up.

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