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Frage von Asparagus:

I have not been found using the search function - somehow it rarely helps = /
And while I'm looking for a portable monitor for my Canon XL2 (must not be a HD). I want to set only the Picture. As it was the display of the XL2 because of its size do not really see much, I need a bigger monitor so you can see details in the Picture synonymous. For obvious's should I serve synonymous.
Is there something halfway decent for 100 Euro? I look at the with "portable monitor" etc. only monitor for cars and found something. Can I possibly give someone a hot tip, send what I look for, or even a few links?
Thanks in advance!


Antwort von heimax:

Look there: =


Antwort von Asparagus:

Even seen, but 400 ¬ is too much for me;)


Antwort von rush:

"Asparagus" wrote: Even seen, but 400 ¬ is too much for me;)

You have the proper thread to read on ... is not always at the top;) It's like in the supermarket ... Next down are the bargains ... outside the visual field.


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