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Power-LED blinkt : Panasonic NV-DS60

Power LED flashes: Panasonic NV-DS60

Frage von desido:
Januar 2006


my camcorder I've used very rarely in total. Most recently, he still worked perfectly, then he was about three months around unused.

Now reports a defect:
As soon as I switched to in some way, the cassette drive actuator (Rec, Play, coils) that turns off after three seconds, the camera responds to nothing and the power LED flashes in the two-rhythm.

- The Battery / power supply is ok.
- A reset / Resetting the Cam software or manufacture of the factory settings, according to the service information and should not be synonymous to bring anything.
- Was about the meaning of the flashing signal is / was the man in my Panasonic Center give any information.

Has anyone any idea how I hinbekomme the camcorder again without taking the expensive repair service to do so?
Maybe someone knows the meaning of "Doppelblinkens" the power LED?

Greeting desido

Antwort von hansa:


now I have the same problem with the Power-Led the Panasonic NV-DS60 as you s.1.8.2005.
Have you found a solution?
Then you can help me maybe.

Thank you Christian Bock

Antwort von till:


I had today with my panasonic ds-60, the same problem.
And now, PLEASE: do not laugh and I do not think is synonymous beschweuert:
the problem are poor electrical connections at the camera as a kind of loose connection.
(please smite with the hand) vigorously against the bottom of the camera. because the compounds are again firmly pressed into their seats.
Since my camera is running perfectly again
no joke!


Antwort von Blackeagle123:

No do not just!
If the power LED blinks, then it is usually the sign that condensation has formed! It is a protective function of Panasonic cameras!

1) If you have left are open to the camcorder, it may well be that there accumulating dust and the sensor responds. Then we should proceed very, very, very carefully and try to remove the dust, possibly just by blowing into the drive!

2) It has really made Condensation: Then you should leave it open to the camcorder to 2 hours. (maximum of 3, in between test time and again!) then it should go again!

At 1) and 2) it should afterwards be passed through a cleaning cartridge. There are good of Panasonic!

3) It is a loose connection or an error s.der electronics that starting-and-on, falsely, of course, seems to react to the sensor, although only a small short-circuit somewhere this creates. Also this is by no joking actually too;) If you cut against the unit, it may be true that short time it goes away. But with an important turning the camera would turn off again. In addition to variation in the smallest electronic components break.
So definitely bring in a Panasonic shop. It is for example a Wiesbaden!

I got the error synonymous s.meiner Panasonic, three times! Was pretty annoying, especially because in nem was very important twist. 2 months later, the camera was not any more. Now I've got a new electronics. 330, - ¬ in Wiesbaden, including repair!

And again, Till cut Bloß: on it!
-The I'm so hurt even if I only read:)

Many dear greetings

Antwort von puffaldt:

The same problem synonymous with me, but somewhat more varied:

First, I had the power LED flashes in conjunction with the optical error in the display that condensation had formed (a symbol, you can look in the manual).
After a night at the open pit was indeed the special cassettes condensation error message disappeared, but the Power LED is still flashing. Annoyed that this flashing is explained in the Instructions did not mention /. Last Hope is a DV cleaning cassette. Electronics failure as an economic total loss, I would (and regarded as the unit is just 15 months old, as an image synonymous total loss for Panasonic)



Antwort von kerberos:

At 15 months, you still have warranty, which is why it is an economic total loss?

And image-total loss for Panasonic? Well, I do not know ...

Antwort von puffaldt:

With the 15 months that was nonsense, because I was mentally elsewhere grad ;-) No, the device is somewhat older than 2 years, that guarantee is gone. Have at least tills suggestion followed us the device once touched something stronger, and what can I say ... it running again. Already clear that this is not a professional treatment, but the effect is just too good :-)

In my image viewing, however, I remain, as I am simply demanding. If a device with proper treatment (I've not even drop or something) to just over 2 years shows Macken, then for me that is simply unacceptable and I will take my leave of the brand consistently. Panasonic will not be felt, but for me the brand is settled.



Antwort von desido:

Coincidentally, I look once more into my theme of time and'm glad about the many responses of suffering comrades.

For completeness, my solution:
Just as abruptly as the error occurred, it is synonymous disappeared again - and indeed if and when I tried to perform the repair service the error ...

Whether an outside temperature of 30 ° C the error in the drive, and has triggered a shock during transport to the Cam Raparaturdienst well again "has? KA.

The "bash them ups method" of seeming to be so till points ;-))

Greeting desido

Antwort von SToe:

HEllo, does anybody know how I can dismantle the valve (cassettes import some), so that I can work elektrik s.der. it is a part fell out of a digital camera and I would like to install it again.

Antwort von Blackeagle123:

I would leave to the engineers to not void the warranty to have! If you already have no longer a guarantee, I'm sorry, I do not know ;-)

Best regards,

Antwort von Klede:

Thanks Till,

synonymous had the problem. Must mention but this is my CAM outside of the warranty.

Till `s tip followed and now the cam is working again.

Again Thanks for the tip

Antwort von bvollmar:

Hello, I would like to contribute to this issue publicly.

My DS29 has the absolute same problem.
Ca 50 ¬, from brief had invested to find the error.
Repair of Panasonic Offer:
Device checks to eliminate interruption in system control, refresh plug connectors, calibration, test.

A cost of Attention: Material: Male for ¬ 8.10, labor costs!: 160,65 ¬.
Total with tax: 200.81 ¬.

I politely declined and wanted only the times, but was rejected of Panasonic.

Conclusion: The 50 ¬ are gone, my Panasonic has a good image is destroyed.
But I hope the forum that you here have helped a bit next.
Synonymous because I think that can blow onto the bottom of the enclosure obviously bad contact address, at least temporarily.

I may even want them to reset the device Öffen.

My question: Has anyone that has some experience.

It greets you bvollmar

Antwort von Peter D.:

I thank you for this post, I think he has put me on the right track.
My NV-DS30 EC had exactly the same problem. I initially thought s.ein mechanical problem of the drive. After I had it completely dismantled and reassembled, it worked again, strangely, even though I had found no errors. After some time the same error now came back on (of course, just at the moment where it was somewhat important to clear).
I guess that it is actually s.einer connector. To get rid of my experiences synonymous times:

To open the Camera, one must first of the right black plastic part (where the speaker is in it settle). That requires a small Phillips screwdriver with the 6 small screws that hold the plastic bezel to solve (all the same bolt locations). Then you can carefully detach the Aperture * * of the lens produces. It must be noted that the Plastikeinbuchtung s.der bottom (normally serves the snapping into the tripod plate) a bit of caution needs to be bent downwards, as otherwise they knocking into the platinum mount the motherboard. Then you must press the aperture a bit backwards, because the headphone jack is still under way. Then you can open the aperture a bit next. Now you have to solve only the micro-connector, which connects the speaker with the motherboard. Then you can fold away the Aperture up (up to 180 °). Now it is only connected through the foil cable for the controls with the camera. But this can be tuned for our purposes.
The "bad" link is the 3rd of links) (out of view from the headphone jack. I have the foil connector for my camera just a little bit (estimated as approximately 1 mm) pulled out in the hope that the contact is there ausgelutscht not so ". Since then, the camera again doing their service. Hopefully, what more ...

To build the camera still next deal may go out of here synonymous: First, the remaining (three housing screws next to the 0-lux switch next to the viewfinder and solve s.der bottom of the camera). Then the screw holding the main board (between the headphone jack and viewfinder) and the two screws, with which the attached "Besides," board (behind the battery to solve). All accessible foil plug solve. Now you can (I think) the rear part (detach the battery holder, etc.) and remove the motherboard completely. Then you somehow synonymous is tuned to the drive if I remember correctly.
Have fun, I hope this helps even one or the other next ...
Peter D.
Here's a little picture:
[http://www.studiosued.com/upload/platine nv-ds30.jpg/img]

Antwort von Peter D.:

The link address must be without the / img, thus:


Antwort von kai_dreßler:

Many thanks till

running, the cam is now synonymous with me again

I had not thought of that way is a simple broken

is indeed sometimes, as in ancient russen Technology

^ ^

Antwort von Olu:

I landed here in the forum to find tips for the purchase of a new digicam too.

My Panasonic has given up her mind, power LED flashing, found no indication in the manual, did not want money to invest in Rep. since 5 years old.

Encountered by chance on this thread. Since I had nothing to lose, 3x draufgehauen, now it works weider :-)))

Many thanks to the "till"

Antwort von JonnyMartin:

February, 2009

So, incredibly, after I had already written off my camera a long time ago because of this same problem described above,
I have them now, I wanted to test it one last time, once again dusted off.
Then I'm just happy to just googled and found this story.
For the opening of a digital camera, first I had no suitable tools at home, secondly, it was simply too late for such spielerein ...
So I followed the apparently synonymous with other highly effective tip of silence. At first I was still too tender - beat without success.
at the 3rd I then attempt to have draufgeschlagen really quite tight ... And actually, it works again.

Perfect solution ... not that I will still use the camera for filming, but to play dub and especially my DV tapes reichts auf jeden ...

Many, many thanks for this somewhat unconventional solution proposal!

Antwort von Blackeagle123:


Perhaps therefore a wobbler s.Sensor or even a big fluff of it. ;-)

I think in both cases, a gentle "shaking" would s.Sensor enough. For the "beating" one sees that the camera might hurt:)

Best regards,

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