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Frage von vonlahnstein22:


how to prevent it in Ulead PowerTools, an MPG file again konventiert / rendering.

The checkmark "Disc Template" under "Edit" fix will be checked, if the option for widescreen TV: trails chooses ......
I have one being a shrink to 4:3-Picture (actually 16:9) available
Can we act on the other hand, because somehow ....?

Many greetings


Antwort von vonlahnstein22:

This is probably only possible if the picture on the 16:9 TV do not wish to stretch ...

If the re-rendering quality lost?
I have the video file in video editor 7.0 of MSP with a data rate of 4850 kbps compressed. And now I have to benutzerdefniert again approximately 4500 bit rate, so the video fits on a DVD.
Is it better if I file in MPEG video editor with 9000 kpbs create, as I in the Power Tools conventional must now again ............


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