Infoseite // Prem pro - export HDV 16:9 anamorpic - comes out as 4:3

Frage von king_lijaone:

Very good evening or night,

I hope this can give me (once again) helped.
I'm trying a clip which I with my canon xh-s.filmed and with adobe Premiere Pro 2 on the pc withdrawn (MPG2) and slightly edited it now to export
The clip in premiere sicht synonymous great - is 16:9 - everything top.
I opened the exported file but with the win media player or quicktime I have suddenly a 4:3 display.

Unfortunately, I am not clear how the pieces can work;)

maybe you can find me some day reveal your export settings?

I have naturally been with its export volume settings and experimented the problem occurs when you export with the Cinepak codec and radius of 16:9 anamorphic hd on ...
Using the same xvid mpeg-4 codecs (4-3 WPM prem 16-9)
well as the x264 - h264/avc encoder (4-3 WPM prem 16-9)

synonymous if I am not a microsoft avi but as a quicktime with
h264 (anamorphic)
export occurs at the same problem ...

after me now for a few more exotic codecs crashed, I no longer try next, after a few hours (already the second day with a lot of wasted time) go on a truly brilliant ....

I go as follows:
export movie settings:
- Microsoft avi - work area bar - embedding options NONE

- Compressor (above) - color - millions - frame size 1440:1080 - frame-rate 25 - pixel aspect ratio anamorphic hd 1080 (1.333)

If anyone could help I would be very grateful, as I currently do not believe nearly synonymous only in the right direction to think ...



Antwort von dp:

with the export

microsoft uncompressed avi - 10-bit yuv - anamorphic - I just get sound no picture. will probably lie s.codec ...
microsoft uncompressed avi - 8-bit yuv - synonymous 4:3 anamorphic
microsoft dv avi - is only 720 * 576 - anamorphic - eh not so good but is not synonymous raus 16:9
quicktime - planar rgb - anamorphic 16:9 ned synonymous comes out

if someone hatt ne ahnung please - I'm s.verzweifeln;)



Antwort von Wiro:

Computer Media Player can with the anamorphic pixel rectangle not start. To Watch Cool on a PC monitor:
Export> Adobe Media Encoder> Windows Media> 1920x1080 square pixels 3000 kbit / s set - and then adjusts.
Gruss Wiro


Antwort von Markus:

Here are the basics about this:
Pixel aspect ratio vs. video. Computer


Antwort von catchafire:

So for me, the good old classic mediaplayer HDV format in the right play.


Antwort von dp:

Thank you!
the pixels with the square I was new - but equally I know in my schatz aufgenommen!

danke nochmal!


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