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Frage von kledano:

I have Premiere CS5 with NVIDIA FX 3800 graphics card Quador.
Because two monitors are connected to Premiere. I would now like to connect a third monitor that shows me a program moving full-size image, if possible in HD.

On my previous system I've got this picture from the breakout box of the Matrox Black Magic. On this card I can not do without in the meantime. The new processors are fast enough ind.

Where do I get her picture, such a program? Returns the NVIDIA 3800 synonymous one analog output? Or do I install a breakout box to the PC? Oer it is the solution here?

Thank you in advance for your answers


Antwort von vrosch:

I have exactly the same problem.

Is there no solution?

Could you install an additional graphics card Cheaper?


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