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Frage von strike:

Hi Everybody,

I have Premiere Pro CS3 and increased work just me. After I edited the first film (Grobschnitt) have, there are problems with the display of the tools. The tools are of course in the menu / window.
In the tool box bottom right, is only the pencil tool to see. The rest is missing. Even the titles of tools are not displayed. It opens the window, but without tools.

Probably it is wrong s.einer default and it is a classic beginner mistake. Despite Books, Adobe Help, etc. has been nothing to find. I would really appreciate a tip!


Antwort von robbie:

Use keyboard shortcuts. eh goes faster;)

C = cut
V = normal hand tools
I = in
O = out
is in Manual. if you want in a project being forced, to use it, then mans ...


Antwort von Babaluba:

I had the problem synonymous, have just the update to 3.1.1 of the Adobe Page suck and install, then it's all super.

By 3.1.1. Premiere is synonymous these Panasonic DVCProHD MXF files native read, very practical, because you do not have Final Cut must convert.



Antwort von Jörg:

Quote: Just need to update to 3.1.1

na but then at 3:20 the same .....


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