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Frage von Flameboy101:


I would like to einbingen in Premiere 1.5, 6 Channel Wav file. So 5.1 sound. With Audition, I have created and imported into Premiere selfsame. When I play them in the preview screen, I get on my Audigy 2 ZS one 1a surround sound.
But when I followed the 5.1 file into the timeline and drag to play, I hear it only in stereo. I've seen that one can change the project settings in the master regulator of steroid audio to 5.1. I did that. But unfortunately, I will once again shown only in the audio mixer stereo. Wiso?
Are there any extra settings somewhere? Do I need an update?


Antwort von LuFaHa:

Your approach was correct. But if you change the project settings on the Master 5.1, this changes only the default settings for a new sequence. But since you've already created your sequence, this changes there s.den already made settings (stereo) nothing!
Unfortunately, you can change settings to my knowledge, no master in hindsight!
So you need to file new sequence ... go now and in the window that opens, the master switch to 5.1, while you use the same track as set in your first sequence. Thus you can add them in the first sequence, all the maki (Ctrl + A) and on to copy (Ctrl + C) and paste (Ctrl + V) into the new sequence. Now you can use synonymous surround sound.


Antwort von GhostDog:

It works, thanks. Thought the project settings apply to the selected sequence is not entirely logical, in my opinion.
But now works, yes.


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