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Frage von Chlebnitschek:

I've worked with Premiere and DV 500 plus many film projects, but a problem I can solve noch'nicht.
The Project is running the audio tracks will not play in real time. So if I adjust the volume in the time bar back is suppose to play the volume at the same instant. Only when I re-start the calculator, the audible sound settings are changed.
Is there help someone?


Antwort von Ephraim:

Perhaps hilfts:
Project Settings:
Rate as of the Camera Coming
Blocks: 1 / 2 seconds
Conversion rate: Very good
Audio Preview ...: 3 or more active ...
1 or more audio filters ...

Keyframe and Rendering:
No active field is therefore synonymous off real-time preview (of concern DV500)

Audio monitor on the DV500 So Bluebox audio output to connect.

How are my settings and working properly - hopefully now synonymous, because now I have to work next.
Good luck!


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