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premiere 6.5 vs. PRO

Premiere 6.5 vs. PRO

Frage von Epsonic:
August 2006

hello, currently using Premiere 6.5 and binr ehct happy with it ...

now that I probably change to xp to me, however, open new paths and opportunities synonymous ... finally läuftd a ja drauf premiere pro ...

Lafarge pays my ... sichd he umstieg? what is there for major improvement (to 1.5), it is a big changeover of 6.5 to 1.5?

in turn, reflected as 1.5 to 2.0? (with an XP 3000 +, 1024 ddr)

would be more than glad to answer;)

Dabke schonmal!

Antwort von prem:

Sehrt another important question, can cih project files from 6.5 synonymous opened and edited in 1.5 or 2.0 and?

Antwort von uli laier:


Antwort von uli laier:


Such mal in slashcam

Antwort von uli laier:

"Anonymous" wrote:
Sehrt another important question, can cih project files from 6.5 synonymous opened and edited in 1.5 or 2.0 and?


Antwort von r.p.television:


So the upgrade is due.
If you have a later time to upgrade to HDV or HD will, is to shift required. For the processing of DV is not absolutely necessary.
Partial rendering is faster than 6.5 in Pro 2.0.
The extent of the effects has increased only slightly. Sometimes we miss even old new effects benefited more than one of.

And Attention!
If you use earlier of Photoshop plug-ins from old, third-party vendors, etc. who want to use Premiere versions below 6.5, forget it. It is run on only 2.0 per filter, which s.Version were written for Premiere 6.5. All others either do not run, errors, or cause crashes.

I use depending on project requirements (HD or SD), both Premiere versions (Pro HDV = 2.0 and SD = 6.5).

Project files from 6.5 can be opened in Pro 2.0, it may happen that you are asked for one or two plugins that are available in Premiere Pro 2.0 no longer. Can therefore be fraught with post-processing in the filters, but the timing and tracks are properly adopted.

Antwort von mannohneplan:

erstaml grateful for the detailed answer!

So with hd cih currently not working at all ... just thought that exists in 1.5 and 2.0 new, better effects are synonymous and may render the quality is increased somewhat ...?

Antwort von nico:

Why do other render quality? For both DV AVI comes out and that's always the same, because standardized. Different final results are due only to differ good or bad source material. But this applies to both versions.

Antwort von mannohneplan:

If I can be ne emine cih as dvd exporteire ... yes hättte that the encoder better sit doer so ..

Antwort von AndreasBloechl:

Is it possible to disable Premier newer than 6.5 does the MS codec? From this would be worth even one shift. At the 6.5, although it could involve a different codec but it ran according to various postings in other forums not very stable.

Antwort von blueplanet01@gmx.de:

... am just at the "poking around" in the forum about this issue and would like to make a brief comment to ...

In the new Premiere2.0 the "MainConcept" encoder is already out of the house to Anwendnung! Anyone in this division knows einwenig knows that it is this to be one of the best quality. Whether it is worthwhile addition to the financial aspect of the transition, synonymous depends very dependent on how fast you can be working into the new structures / must. For me personally, despite jahrerlanger experience with the 6.5, it was not quite so easy, since the workflow is now oriented but more professional s.The Page.
Finally, it should be pointed out that the Qualiätssprung actually "only" for apparent effects (eg fading) does. The pure DV footage is indeed subjected to the cutting and export any Quailitätsverlust.


Antwort von AndreasBloechl:

The MainConcept was synonymous already integrated in the 6.5er.

Antwort von WinAntivirus_009:

... sure?! According calling MainConcept this was not included in the 6.5 version. If only ...??!, then at least in the Premiere Pro version now the newer, improved 2.4 DV codec integrated
....... DV multiprocessor support, a new RGB color space and the 16th .. 235 Intel ® Hyper-Threading Technology. Version 2.4.16 now includes a special high-quality color resampling, which has PAL / NTSC detection of altered so that artifacts are removed in some videos, and more bugfixes


Antwort von scrooge:

@ rptelevision:
Thanks for your advice. I just last night that with the Photoshop filters in the demo of Premiere 1.5 and tried it does not really funzt.
After all, the Photoshop filter "soft light" is the only cheap option in Adobe Premiere 6.5 a pleasant diffusion filter is used.

What I really miss in Premiere 6.5 in Color correction is an opportunity for mid-tones, lights, etc., a separate set stains. Or are you know (via plugin or similar) one way to make as synonymous in Premiere 6.5 anymore?


Antwort von AndreasBloechl:

'm Pretty sure that, as has always been speculated why the encoder in Vegas works better as in Premiere 6.5. That was me at that time synonymous confirmed in several forums when it was still current. Wolfgang Schmid has the time tested extensively in the Vegas forum, I think.

Antwort von WinAntivirus_009:

"AndreasBloechl" wrote:
Wolfgang Schmid has the time tested

then it becomes synonymous to vote: (((, then err on the same main concept

Antwort von Bruno Peter:

Prprrr ... pruuust ..., sorry, I just had to laugh at times about the last posting ...

Antwort von AndreasBloechl:

Why Peter

Antwort von Jörg:

Hi Andreas,
He will have tested it with certainty, but he will then come to a different conclusion.
Gruß Jörg

Antwort von scrooge:

Here is probably a confusion:

The MPEG encoder of MainConcept is included in Premiere 6.5.

The DV codec of MainConcept is not included in Premiere 6.5.


Antwort von AndreasBloechl:

You make me crazy, so it was up to the encoder is not synonymous to the codec.

Antwort von Steffen04889:

... na - `I now sit on it another .-))!
I "think", came as MPEG-ENCODER "something" for use of adobe ... at least in the delivery of these was the same with the included and had to get even with a supplied activation code, just for running.

The DV CODEC could well have been of Microsoft?! Not for nothing but the videographer ambionierten "desperately" trying .-)) him "los zuwerden" and by another (Pinnacle, MainConcept, Panasonic replacement, etc.).

As I understand the people of MainConcept s.der leash `'ve now come in both cases (MPEG-ENCODER & DV CODEC) from her house to use? Not for nothing that one could indeed elsewhere, these two tools separately purchased synonymous sale as a standalone version.

The DV CODEC is needed therefore in the Premiere Pro version is definitely not post-install ", which states that:" all inclusive ".-))! About the MPEG-ENCODER (so) for the direct export from the timeline, I can not (yet) take any statement that I previously (Premiere 6.5) has always been the stand-alone version of the MainConcept MPEG for the production of DVD files was used. But you can now, perhaps, synonymous save it (financially speaking)! .-))

nu said what? .-))

Antwort von Jörg:

since Jens has just hit the nail remains the consideration of the built-in vs. stehallein versions of the encoder and the implementation-the question NLE manufacturer.
On this subject, I had some time ago s.mainconcept questions, unlike other manufacturers! I did get there very quickly and competently and using information. This perhaps synonymous again s.dieser opportunity to thank s.Marc Hartmann.
MC has according to his information no influence on the implementation of the codec from the Manufacturer. The MC in AP can thus quite differently than the MC Ulead.Und make this experience then the empirical testers generally synonymous.
The built-in codec is thus based on a basis or foundation:))
The foundation will, of course (of course, at least in the MC) develops next
and in the respective valid version of the stehallein mounted.
This means that the built-in AP codec almost 50% slower
renders as beispw. comes along in the H.264 packet. (when, as I hope) identical settings.
For someone who is very much encoded well worth the purchase, otherwise you just go with the built-in encoder already pretty comfortable.
uncoded Greetings Jörg

Antwort von Steffen04889:

Hello Jörg,
Thank you for your constructive and interesting comments.
It's really amazing what a `" tortuous path "may take a product and which will ultimately in the customer-really-matters.
The thing with the rendering speed in this context was particularly evident and wiedermal shows, even if one of the "one thing" speaks, it must still far from being "be the same! .-))
But I think and the way you have it running already synonymous, now everyone can decide for themselves whether and how much he wants to invest more! .-)


Antwort von AndreasBloechl:

In 6.5er I had post-install s.Encodern nothing, everything is just inclusive.Er AdobeMPEG encoder and means, however, is of MainConcept.
Also the settings in the various programs where the Enocder is implemented, are trimmed. At least the times I was so declared. I had extra time for Vegas to instructions downloaded from the Stehalein And since nothing is identical with the settings, at least the surface is different.

Antwort von ropro:

Did I understand correctly that the DVCodec in APP 2 of MainConcept? Can anyone confirm or did I misread that?

Time I made a few tests, a scene once with the built DVCodec and once with the Pinnacle DVCodec, which I tend not to use them only in a AP 6.5, rendered.
Bottomline: The Pinnacle provided a clearer picture, especially noticeable in writings and hold small details, but took 10% longer than the integrated codec (a somewhat smoothed, blocked a similar picture MPEG2) produced.
Is that true that the main concept codec worse than the Premiere of Pinnacle?

Besides, one more question, I have not tried it. The Pinnacle codec so I have to reach under Microsoft Avi -> Pinnalce DV AVI. Is it synonymous possible to render with this codec smart, so without re-rendering?

Many greetings,

Antwort von prem:

MC ... if not "lie" .-))) Cents by! I was there ... I wanted to call the DV codec for Premiere Pro actually buy extra. There they told me, told fairly (!!), ... that's a little would be twice gemobbelt! .-))

... I guess you speak from the DV500 (or similar)-Pinnacle DV codec?
Then it would be a Comparison to the installed Premiere 6.5 Microsoft DV codec ?!... and not for MainConcept? (which we had already clarified .-))

... will be rendered only the effects, panels, etc., when it synonymous in Premiere, no preference in which version, never had the real impression. Technically, I have too little insight into the matter, but I can assure you that even though the frames durchrattern Beautiful Cozy .-)), only the aforementioned effects and panels are then affected! It's just always just zeitaufweniger than it would have to be synonymous in my opinion. There will be cutting programs, where this is not so "seems obvious, but in Premiere it was just always like this? You should go just in front of a setting in the 6.5 version, and `it is now synonymous guard again in the Pro" ... the tick "NEW KOMPREMIEREN" must always be turned off ... otherwise it may well be that the program ... rendering, where there is really nothing to render!

rendrige Greetings

Antwort von ropro:

@ Jens: I re-rendered (safely!). And in APP 2.0

Once with the standard codec and even as Microsoft Avi, where I have taken as the Pinnacle DV codec AVi.
Yes, that is of the DV500. I usually capture in AP6.5, can integrate easily into the codec but synonymous APP2.0, and since then I've noticed this Qualitätsunerschied.

Many greetings,

Antwort von Vogt-production:

... so, gray is all theory! .-))
Now, once plain text!
How to switch (you) because the codec's can be seen in premiere XX, so that actually an evident difference?
When I was in Premiere (for example, with built-DV500) create a project, then offers me the program in the run with several options. I leave it time for the two most common: Pinnacle DV Pal and DV Pal 48kHz (Microsoft DV. Avi?), I choose the first option, I assume that is synonymous uses the Pinnacle DV codec for the upcoming render work (?!)... and the synonymous as far as possible then you should not switch / exchange! But this is actually a "special case" because not everyone has installed the capture card with this codec! So for me, I Decide DV Pal 48kHz (Microsoft DV. Avi) is probably the Microsoft DV codec (at least up to the premiere version 6.5) will be applied? When I look in the device control, there is the "Video Codecs" certainly a lot of codec's) .-! synonymous usnatürlich the Pinnacle DV codec. Just ... how to change them at will (in one project!) Or how to implement it (already in advance!) In Premiere? I can remember, although dark, that it was associated with one PanasonicCodec and in conjunction with Panasonic Cam's a "Change Capture Tool (?!), but this would have been something special? Why should I have the "capture" a specific codec needed (?), If one of requirements in the direction of: AVI format 1.0 or OpenDML time apart? I can not do the film x-arbitrary way and dig her ... as long as I did not edit, changes will not be synonymous original status (?) And no preference as what I will bring it to the Calculator (capture)! (times the FireWire version expected) but the codec is only when rendered correctly for the effects of wear? If I then arrived at the export settings, offering me premiere synonymous with a real alternative to change something after the event quickly. (which is especially aggravated by only a recalculation may result)?
... so there were many questions and observations, perhaps enough to talk to "all"? .-)
And yet the last to eliminate ambiguities .-))?!

Antwort von prem:

.... still a little addendum:
When you mention the possibly qualitative differences between Pinnacle codec and the standard codec (which is always synonymous) .-) ... maybe that is synonymous only a very different problem, any sort
between the sectional map (DV500) and the Technical Reference. and qualitative ways of example, Premiere Pro and powerful graphics cards? I myself have not been surprised that is bad, as I of the 6.5 and the DV500 have switched to the Pro version in connection with a GeForce 6600 Ultra. Premiere of the monitor itself was unrecognizable qualitatively! Perhaps supported by graphical representation is
Older NLE editing cards (open GL) simply the "breaking point" and no longer on the Height of the time? One can search through the Exchange options in the preferences as to whether the cut card is integrated into the Project with, or whether the "pure" premiere with his Codec `s like to use in conjunction with the graphic solution ...! I say this, of course, only with regard to the fact that a preview monitor is used! ) In the case of direct output of the fertiggeschnittenen computer equipment (of the action on the TV can / should of course be no difference ... unless ... it is / was actually the codec .-))!??

Antwort von ropro:

OK, I wanted to know, and had made a series of tests.

So there are no difficulties in understanding, very slowly.
Starting material is a recording of a Panasonic NVGS500, I once made an undisclosed business because they are the sharpest DVAufnahmen that are available to me.

I first invested in AP6.5 Pinnacle AVI Project, and the recording (with the Pinnacle DV ^ 2) codec re-rendered, compressed natural with activated Neu ".
I exported with the settings is "format" = "Pinnacle AVI, so here is the Pinnacle SoftDVCodec, in the device control" Pinnacle DV ^ 2 "(ie DV-square).
I import the finished AVI and repeat the procedure, a total of up to 4th Generation.

Then I continued to have a new project in AP6.5 with the edit mode "DV Playback created", and re-imported.
Here, probably the Microsoft DV codec (the poor) is used. I've re-rendered, now stop with the export settings file format = "Microsoft DV AVI" with the compressor, "Microsoft DV (Pal).
Here again until the 4th Generation.

Then I started my demo version of APP 2.0, here I choose the editing mode = DV Pal.
I import my raw back-Avi, and now export as the file type = "Microsoft DV AVI" with the compressor = "DV NTSC", synonymous with this new set, compress.
However, it went so fast that I have begun to suspect there's something wrong, and have added a zero filter, ie, brightness & contrast, and then re-rendered, with success.
Again, up to 4 Generation.

Since there is no drivers for the DV500 APP is more (anyone knows unofficial drivers?), I'll start a DV PAL project.
Everything as above, but I rendere here with the type of file = "Microsoft AVI" and choose the compressor = "Pinnacle Systems DV ^ 2 codec, then again the same SoftDVCodec of AP65 (? Or is it someone else? Galub I did not )
And again I rendere 4 generations.

Then I'll get any of the 4 Avi Generation a Stillimage with TMPGEnc. (Good, I would be able to make synonymous in AP, but I like the zoom function here, and that I can open multiple instances, and can see everything nebeneineander)

And like the unexpected result:

Antwort von ropro:

So, here are the results:

As expected, the Microsoft codec Of AP6.5 truncates s.schlechtesten. Here strong noise and color casts can be seen. It builds strong blocks of 8x8 pixels in size.

Pinnacle DV codec ^ 2 in AP 6.5 is much better here, but shows erratic behavior in the Luminanzkurve. The contrast has been increased to bottom. That is Lumawerte of 212 are now 255, is cut off everything about the result is a brighter picture, the drawing in bright areas is gone, so it should not be.

Now, the alleged Microsoft codec in APP 2.0.
The picture is very balanced, but it is in the enlarged partial strong block formation seen. The edges are but a few pixels slightly smeared.

And now the soft Pinnacle DV codec, (please correct me, but I do think this codec is 100% soft, right?)
It is now a light turquoise color shift to recognize.
A view of the histogram shows that red and blue must be increased by about 5 brightness levels, now synonymous with true color impression of the original agreement almost synonymous again.
The edges are sharper than in some alleged MicSoftCodec, along with increased noise is seen.

This is shown in the Microsoft codec in APP20 is a lot better than that in AP6.5, he is not perfect, but it can be used without a guilty conscience.

So I would s.end my codec comparison, I hope he keeps stirring s.Nachdenken to some.
I have deliberately used no test pictures, because someone had filmed only test pictures? A Picture from the daily use it seemed to me to be here s.geeignetesten. If someone wants to have the test pictures, I can upload them here.
It is clear, no codec is so perfect that it completely reflects the Originaleindrück. But it is good to know where are the pros and cons of a codec.

Many greetings,

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