Infoseite // Premiere CS3 All Project files again "OFFLINE"?

Frage von Apacheese:

Dear Readers,
Calculator on one of my "spin" Premiere CS3 every time I open a project. Most of the files of my project in the timeline suddenly become "red", that is reported to be rendered, and in view of the program window with the sign "offline media" reported. In the Source Monitor, however, the files are all there. The same is not synonymous are on a network directory. If I now manually for each individual so-called "offline file" and then change the opacity of manufactures, the file will be recognized again "" and the Project is back ok!
Although the new project will be rendered again saved, all the files after opening again "OFFLINE". Can someone please tell me what's going on?


Antwort von _L_:

Hi Apacheese

What exactly is going on because I can not tell you, unfortunately, synonymous. Had even before. But times do try to copy all the items in the timeline and insert a new sequence. For problems with the audio mixer works perfectly in each case with me.



Antwort von rush:


However, this is a funny errors ...
have similar only with external fetsplatten experienced - if you start this premiere before or it has not started up after a long time eien different drive letter than they had worn during project creation.

if necessary, once the labor and temp-lauferwke check whether the settings because everything is in tune with ...


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