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Frage von cozmo3001:

Good evening,

Embarrassed, the last a few hours through Adobe's help fighting, but I did not found anything, hopefully someone here can give me to help you ...:

Last year I had a new PC (Windows XP 32bit Professional, 2.6 Ghz Quad, 4GB) originally designed for audio applications, but are now increasingly video - and After Effects jobs.

After yesterday's installation (including new graphics and Adobe updates) I noticed when rendering, all very slow.

The Windows manager showed me to be synonymous, that only 1 of 4 core is claimed ....

What can I change where?

Premiere is nothing to write multi-processor rendering in After Effects are of course the usual suspects enabled: "Simultaneous rendering of multiple frames," "Enable Disk Cache", "Maximum RAM Cache" to 33% ...

Do I need to adjust something in Windows?
My 3 years old DELL Precision M65 (2GHz, 2GB RAM) renders the same project with two processors at full ...!?!

Hope you can help me ...



Antwort von Don-CB:

Well, I've only CS2 and the rendering at the output on all 4 processors. The CS3 should therefore probably still better off.


Antwort von cozmo3001:

Yeah, should be synonymous, but apparently it is ssWindows XP because After Effects synonymous only one Core claims ...

In the Microsoft Help synonymous, I have no info found ...


Antwort von cozmo3001:

For completeness, I would like because you know that today I could solve the problem:

I had the Task Manager under "Processes" in all their "AfterFX.exe" processes with a right mouse click specify the processor belonging ...!

(irsinnigerweise, I made five processes?)

Simply select all CPUs 0-3 and "already" are all in AE CS3 scores approached ...!

The same is true for Premiere!

Under Photoshop strangely all cores were selected in advance ...

Best Regards



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