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Frage von mastergreg:

Dear Community:)

Since my Windows start one morning, no longer wanted and I had to reinstall it, I can cut my movie in Premiere just do not spend more or do not work without crashing after 10 minutes the program.
Sometimes the premiere ended without any error message, sometimes you can see but synonymous "Sorry, sorry, a serious error has occurred that requires adobe premiere pro to shut down. We will attempt to save your current project. From and to come synonymous beforehand "Premiere is running very low on system memory.". When rendering I see either "Out of Memory." or is it just a C + + Runtime Error, or simply and movingly, the Windows error message: "Premiere has encountered a problem and needs to close". The latter two error dialogs show up simply synonymous with the work in the Project.

For a month I try again master of the project to be. I have my Windows reinstalled - synonymous another version of my friend - I did it with more tries Ram (of 1 to 3 GB - won "Out of Memory"), I have the page file size changed back and forth, installed additional codecs hard disks can be checked for errors, Premiere reinstalled, installed the 3.2 Update, all Windows updates installed video card drivers installed again, the raw material with the backup files replaced, a project created with the files have (works great) - all without synonymous only to the smallest success.
is the moment I have no idea how I cut my feature film ever again and bring to an end.

Sometimes shows premiere synonymous errors to the bottom right of the red cross in the form of Chen: "Failed to Render Effect: RGB Curves", "Stream error detected around frame XX", so it does not crash, however.
In one scene it crashes especially when I render only audio works, video only. These audio files I have but in another project already tested all.
But as I said, the program crashes so synonymous simply from no apparent reason and with no apparent pattern.

I hope someone has an idea what I could try yet!

I thank you for reading:)


Antwort von Jörg:

If you have a realtek onboard sound chip, e could be a known error from the time of CS3, so there you have your system set up new.
met synonymous to the following versions.
Try to find the pass ends Drivers.


Antwort von Alf_300:

Could be a synonymous Hitzeproblen, so once properly vacuuming (Processor / Power supply / graphics card, ect.) Times then a virus check and re-installation. at least many signs on it that the HDD controller is not working properly read file / save can


Antwort von Numquam:

It can happen synonymous, that is caused by a plug-inn of the errors. Do you have any plug-inns? The very fact that it crashes only when a specific location speaks for an effect of a plug-inn.

Did this Phämomen synonymous already had, and could fix it by a Neuaufsetzen.

Remove any time Effects and look if the problem persists!


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