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Frage von samsam:


So have a really big problem. I am currently s.einem Video and suddenly starts the Premiere Pro CS3 no longer. I tried a lot: I installed the program again, I installed the whole system again. Unfortunately, nothing useful. synonymous have to google no solution found.

My Hardware:
SonyVaio VGN-FE21M

My Software:
Windows XP SP3 +
Adobe CS3 Master Collection

When I first want to start, you see the loading screen and then he listens to load and disappears in this moment you can see the big premiere window and closes straight again.

What this problem or has a useful tip for me?

you would be very grateful!
lg samy


Antwort von david2:

Quote: Windows XP SP3 +
If it is determined to lie!


Antwort von samsam:

I do not think so. I had previously synonymous the SP2 and it worked suddenly do not anymore, but it still deinstaliere times.

only incidentally do it otherwise all cs3 programs work properly.

someone else has an idea / guess?

Thank you


Antwort von david2:

Quote: only incidentally do it otherwise all cs3 programs work properly.
That is an interesting statement synonymous.

Sorry, any other tips of me would just "poking in the murky".


Antwort von djoesch:

Hi - had the same problem!

The target has the following:

In the first folder and
"Adobe Premiere Pro.exe" (with right click) to open as Administrator.
You'll need as the main administrator account with password.
That is, has your administrator account password you need to log in and then a set.

On the Web, I have this solution ergoogelt, but None knew WHY.

For testing, you can directly as synonymous Admin login.

Strange is:
If I were but as a different user with admin rights log - is not --

Strange is synonymous:
That makes only APP CS3 - no other program in the suite.

A dirty ....
It started so suddenly to ...

;) Gruß Daniel


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