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Frage von Wolfman:

ask a s.die experts, I use Premiere CS4 together with a Matrox RT.X2 s.dem I map a third monitor, an Apple 23 "with" single link "DVI connector and a resolution of 1920x1200 as it is for the Matrox DVI connection of the rtx2 vorchreibt connected! The monitor remains black! because otherwise I have two 30 "Apple monitors connected s.meine graphic card and now all have the same design that I want to keep the monitor you! Did it to me so synonymous extra and bought it because I thought all the requirements for the Matrox DVI connector meets the rtx2 pretend, just 1920x1200 and single link! what you missing? Give it a device which I can switch between? I use Traderjob
Windows 7, had only the monitors of an apple and iphone! Can someone help me would be very grateful to have bought countless adapter, the adapter were now more expensive as the monitor which I had previously tuned and has worked but was not as nice and would fit the two 30 "is no longer synonymous, thanks for the greetings read Wolfman


Antwort von marc242:


sorry if I first have to ask a question:

You have a graphics card with 3 monitors have it?

As far as I know can run graphics cards only two monitors simultaneously.
To operate a third monitor you'd have two graphics cards and connecting the cascaded third monitor s.der 2nd map.
Or I have the monitors with the misunderstood?




Antwort von Wolfman:

Hello Marc, thank you for your interest only once s.meinem problem, it is unfortunately a bit komplzierter, s.meiner graphic card have two monitors (30 "Apple Cinema) and thus aiúch no problems but I also have a Matrox RT.X2 video card with a DVI connection in my system! with this connection of the video card can, if one with Premiere Pro (CS4) operates a monitor connect the the fine prints in HD! That is actually a super sache and easier for me to work with the program. Unfortunately, it is with the DVI connector of the Matrox card is not quite so simple: Matrox give them the necessary connection for resolution of 1920X1200 (a 16:10 format) and a "single link" DVI connector s.Monitor ago. My 23 inch Apple Cinema Display meets these requirements but does not work tortzdem! So, the third monitor is connected s.der Matrox RT.X2, I think hi can help me only a pro, thank you again for your answer! Message


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