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Frage von ich33:


I teste grade Adobe Premiere CS 4 on my Macbook Pro (Leopard 10.5.6) and do not know quite what setting I have "Recording Format" choose. Have a Canon HV20 in HDV and take on. When recording format, there is a choice between "Quicktime" and "HDV". If I select Quicktime, I can in the next step but still the right setting for HDV to choose the sequence. Or is Quicktime simply for DV and HDV for HDV explicitly shooting?


Antwort von ich33:

with HDV klappts now. However, synonymous only HDV material. I want my camera to import a DV clip always comes the message "camera can not be activated and should be reset" (or something similar). 've rebooted the computer, a firewire cable and ausgesteckt, a camera and off, etc. .. nothing has helped. where is the problem with DV clips? have a record format "HDV" is selected because I have "quicktime" nothing other than the live recordings of my iSight webcam can capture.

to get there do I import the DV material grade iMovie on what works synonymous. are there any known incompatibilities between iMovie. dv files and premiere CS4, or is on the Capture iMovie as well as premiere on CS4? I wish all my 60min cassettes "in a non-slip" on the disk to play on without scene detection or the like.


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