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I plan my next time a computer interface together. Currently I am working with Premiere Pro CS3 and After Effects CS3, however, hear more and more the Final Cut Pro supposedly "better" should be. However, I have not yet exactly what rausgefunden because the benefits of Final Cut Pro or Avid (which is the industry standard should be) compared to PP. Final Cut Pro is running so I think anyway just on Macs as far as I know it would be so interesting anyway only if I sign up for an Apple should decide.
What I find pleasantly s.PP is the good cooperation with After Effects. How do things for the other programs (which I think no alternatives to offer After Effects) from?

Thank you in advance for your answers,



Antwort von WWJD:

Work with two PROGIS (Mac and PC) but my first choice is Appro CS3, the clear involvement of the Adobe software such as HP, etc. I'm very happy with it.

Greetings Jack


Antwort von pixelmaid:

This is a faith issue, I would say. I work with Final Cut Pro at home - but have long synonymous with the Avid worked.

Avid is a robust editing program, but not very flexible in interaction with other applications. While there are ways and means to bring him to - but it is not my favorite. For Avid run a lot of things in the background, so you do not s.die ran just come if you're not really familiar.

Final Cut Pro is open and, as I think, very flexible. If one takes about Automatic Duck is synonymous with the interplay AE no problem. You get a lot for the money and I know many people who exclusively with Final Cut Pro Studio 2 work. I personally prefer AE before Motion - use but always happy to Compressor or DVD Studio.

Effects can I find in Final Cut Pro and Avid in the very uncomfortable in handling. It simply notes that these programs native editing programs and tools are no compositing. But that should in my opinion not be synonymous.


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