Infoseite // Premiere Pro - Project file will not open

Frage von CutterFX:

Help s.alle the hie rmehr have clue.

I am perfectly ready, certainly all know, I have to just cut s.einem project, saved it and now wanted to do next.

Problem: For more 20min shows he ... "Loading Project", is missing only two beams, but it happens nothing.

Can someone help with? All other projects can be open, just not this one.

sheer desperation



Antwort von nico:

It looks as if the last auto saved project version has Macke. Remedy brings when you last saved version of the (project folder> subfolder "Adobe Premiere Pro - Automatic storage) call.

But then you have the last steps in the Project again.


Antwort von rapunzelchen:

Thank you, but all five Autosave will not open, so mist.


Antwort von nico:

Then delete times the preview files, copy them, but for safety's sake before s.einen other location. This has the consequence that everything you can render again, but often is the Project on the way back.


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