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Premiere Pro: Wie schneiden, wenn Ausgangsmaterial auf 4:3 und 16:9

Premiere Pro: How to cut, if the raw material to 4:3 and 16:9

Frage von phloxx:
März 2007


equal times to the point:
I was with 2 different cameras filmed. Unfortunately, I failed, one of the cameras to 16:9 or 4:3 set.

1. What can I do to complete the film in a format to edit. Do I need to convert or is there another way?

2. How do I project in Premier Pro. To 16:9 or 4:3?

Hope that the issues are somewhat verstaedlich.
Did the whole Internet already scanned, unfortunately could not find plain.

As you probably already s.der problem can see, I pretty much have no idea about the film editing. Must be me but in the course of a project trained.

I'm grateful about any help!

Antwort von Quadruplex:

"phloxx" wrote:
Did the whole Internet already scanned, unfortunately could not find plain.

So, so - because, you were so busy the last few years ... :-)

A death you must die. If the most important recordings in 4:3 format, then a 4:3 Project - otherwise 16:9. And then you can decide whether you each andersformatigen scenes hochvergrößerst or left and right or top and bottom with bars showing. The quality suffers in any case ...

Perhaps even more synonymous times

Antwort von Wiro:


Antwort von phloxx:

phloxx has written the following:
Did the whole Internet already scanned, unfortunately could not find plain.

So, so - because, you were so busy the last few years ... :-)

Hehe. Hab ich drauf exaggerations. Nevertheless, there before me so.

If I were the one or the other format to use, say 16:9, then I see these black bars ollen right and left of the picture. Have nevertheless been rausgefunden that I am at Premiere in 'interpret footage' is the current format can. unfortunately, only see my otherwise very neat people fairly broad in face, with 16:9 if I work as a standard.

Can I use the bypass? [/ Quote]

Antwort von phloxx:

Thank you for your tips.

The link erweisst to be super!
Weiss is now synonymous why I nix under my 16:9-search place.

May again come back to you. If I was still in the hose should be!


Antwort von phloxx:

Ok. I am still in the hose.

All other forums are Proceeding with my related topic, take me with my zero-premiere-understanding but not next.

Maybe someone is willing to even bother to make me the practical implementation even in brain-oriented steps to explain.

Again the question:

How exactly do you do to 16:9 and 4:3 format in a film to combine? And what format is recommended? Mir is actually no preference .... hauptsache no bubbles, or black bars and Schrumpfkoepfe.

The other two parties have already done quite good.


Antwort von likajo:

... how can it be that someone with zero understanding for a program here to inquire about things that are clearly in the premiere of super handbuch are explained? Am I the only one who compared ADOBE so fair and the production studio to buy? I understand this is no longer slow what some people here to ask about the programs. If you like Premiere 2.0 is too large then try it with eienm simple program, maybe it's so self ....

Greeting of one who buys the software and a manual and has therefore not synonymous here with such issues must accumulate ...

ach übigens: a format change by software anywhere in the network is explained, I think the whole Tach not .... ;-) With this forum is full of them and swells on Google if you type "premiere 2.0 format 16:9 and 4:3" looking ....

Antwort von phloxx:

hohoho ... Brown calmly!

I have not the original Manual of Premiere, but two others whose quality I do not want to doubt.
In which format is not handled to find.

Moreover, this whole story, fortunately, not formatted with the cutting s.sich to do, unfortunately, is only a basic building block. With another program, I would therefore not be helped.
Purchased or not.

Cutting I leave myself. Promised!
Would just like to start times .... :)

Bin immeroch grateful about the help

Antwort von Pianist:

"phloxx" wrote:
Moreover, this whole story, fortunately, not formatted with the cutting s.sich to do, unfortunately, is only a basic building block.

Eben, therefore synonymous me of a program-independent answer: If you both 4:3 - as synonymous 16:9 material then you will probably have no other choice than the film entirely in 16:9 to 4:3 and the shots " aufzublasen "because the probability is higher that you are above and below have more space than the left and right. Depends of course, always content. Not all images are suitable for a format change.

Even if it is not always possible: you should try all the recordings for a project in the same aspect ratio to have. This is synonymous an advantage of HD, that since both can make of it when you watch the Rotate accordingly. Is synonymous again but a design limitation.


Antwort von prusiker:


So I would in your case, working in 4:3 and in 16:9 letterbox output.

You do not lose quality by scaling and the 4:3 material can also be moving / looking for the ideal cut.

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