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Frage von BamBamBummBumm:

I just wanted to ask whether it is normal to be at 1.5 per a video
can not move between two different videos without the
layered pieces are cut away or be hidden.?

at 6.5 you could still push a video easily between two others and the program has shifted all the other car to the rear.

secondly, it is possible all the wonderful tools from 6.5 to 1.5 using synonymous, because it's only the half and I still think it is very important missing.

why the sound track of a fixed video is not with the 2 or 3
or ... trace moved but always remains in the master track even though the
related video-fixed in the 2 or 3 video trace has been taken?

I would be very pleased with reply


Antwort von Horsti:

Unfortunately, I can only help the first question: If you push in and out of her clips at the "Ctrl" button hold down, all other clips pushed back!


Antwort von Blackeagle123:

Hi, there will always only the master (audio) track proves that you evt s.end only one lane have been established. This is important if you export to tape.
If the master track will be occupied, the audio file not in the master track (overlay) but in one of the other. You can, however, synonymous to achieve certain effects or audio clarity using multiple audio tracks, or even more to add ...
The same, of course, synonymous for the video tracks. (At least I got that learned at Avid, I usually do not export to tape, where I have multiple audio tracks are available ...)

Otherwise, I do not even notice that missing important tools in the Pro version, there was in 6.5! Therefore, all I can say what really synonymous nich ;-)

Want a different (more complicated) method, have, instead of pressing Ctrl wärend move you to the clips, then you can take the synonymous tool to move everything (behind the tool) to. Enjoy it * g * No, so it is only useful if you want to accomplish certain things, therefore, the overlap is desired.

I hope this is true then * g *

Love Greetings


Antwort von jasmin61:

Hello BamBamBummBumm,

what tools you are missing because in 1.5?
Have as yet found anything in 6.5. was synonymous


Antwort von BamBamBummBumm:

Have you ever many thanks for the replies!

I would have really even able to get on it, that button down the CTRL synonymous with Pro 1.5 might be important:) Thanks for the Tipp.Jetzt actually runs almost everything to my satisfaction, aaaaaber:)

eg. I have in the video track 1, two clips with sound, which is in the audio 1st audio2 also lies in a piece of music until now, nothing special:) But if I now want to put the first of its Clip + soundtrack on the other (pull up than the video track in Video2) rearranges the car sound clip in audio1 and cut exactly the piece Of my second clip path, which it needs s.platz. The 6.5 has the audio clip rausgelöscht not superimposed and things, but is easy with audio2 in or gone. because yes is now in the music I audio2 at 6.5, the music was simply done in Audio3 and hey presto my clip is not superimposed on the Audio1 track but in the audio2. sounds a kompllizierter s.als it is:)

naja and I have not yet done that without a more step to go where I stopped first at the AudioClip Audio3 click it and then pull the pull in behind VideoClip Video2, clearly you can, but stop had meant when it is in 6.5 without the second walked walked walked then why now, in Pro 1.5 with the second.

MFG BamBamBummBumm


Antwort von jasmin61:

yes I've already asked me synonymous times, until now I could not find any function for it. times try> Maki of the clip> Press Ctrl / Alt and then pull the clip times ahead. Then he adds, it is almost synonymous but not the desired effect?
It says in the Help File:

To move a clip in the sequence forwards or backwards

Drag the clip to the left or right and position it by using the transparent rectangle to keep in mind that represents the duration of the clip. (Hold down the Alt button as you drag down to move a clip without the linked video - or audio data. These are the video - or audio data although asynchronously.)

Note: Do not pull in Adobe Premiere 6.5 and earlier, you can clip to a deployment area of a track. Adobe Premiere Pro makes it possible, however, put a clip over another one to insert or superimpose something (see edit clips in the Timeline)

To move a clip on another track

Pull the clip up or down to the desired track.

Note: When you first move a clip, both the video - as synonymous contains audio data for a sequence (linked clip), take the picture - or audio data is usually the corresponding traces.
For example, if you drag a clip to the Video 3 track, the corresponding audio data moved to the audio 3rd But try to pull the video clip to 3 where 3 is a different type of channel used, the audio data is moved to the next compatible trace, or it will create a new track, if no suitable track is available.

the latter is not exactly so, there is a default, you have to change, perhaps?


Antwort von BamBamBummBumm:

thanks jasmin

likely to live with it so that each wants to erase and 1.5 overlap rather than simply trace Audio2 used.
synonymous schonmal had all sorts of settings but never found something monitored that this would "fix errors".

naja no preference then it must be simply two steps than just a yes does not synonymous.

Many thanks again for the efforts!

MFG BamBamBummBumm


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