Infoseite // Premiere Pro 1.5 Open Project in 1.0?

Frage von riedsee:

Day. Does anybody know a tool or tip someone gave me nen, how can I open a project created in Premiere Pro 1.5 Premiere Pro 1.0?


Antwort von Mansler:


So if I'm not mistaken, that does not work!

Why do you want to do it anyway? If you have 1.5 is still
but is it really:)


Antwort von Chris2:

schau dir mal an *. pproj file in a text editor. The whole is a fully editable XML file, where you probably only use a single value ( "Premiere Data version? Or the" version "information in the" ObjectID "tag? Change) so it must be recognized as a 1.0 file.
Adobe, there's an SDK synonymous with Premiere Pro, in which a detailed documentation of such things should be there.

Everything, of course, just pure speculation ... But could compare and play around a bit might be worth ...


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