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Premiere Pro 1.5 Lautstärke / Balance Bug?

Premiere Pro 1.5 Volume / Balance Bug?

Frage von teichgraf:
Juli 2008


hopefully someone here can help me. Yesterday I have spent many hours trying to find a solution. Unfortunately without success. :-(

My problem:
I'm using Premiere Pro 1.5.1.
I enclose a project to add a clip in a sequence. Then I save the project and close it. Then I opened the project again. When I click on the clip so that I can see the effect settings, is the loudness =-infinity!
If I just play the sequence and no clip (with the visible effects settings) click on the main level as before (0 dB). By clicking any clip in any visible effect settings, the level of sound-effect-Infinity. ? The problem is independent of the number of clips used and whether or not using keyframes.
Furthermore, the mixer balance control all the audio tracks to -100 (left only), if you have a Project reopens. ?

Yesterday I completely uninstalled synonymous premiere, the application data and the Prog-Verze. removed and reinstalled. The problem remains, synonymous with no update of 1.5 to 1.5.1.

Antwort von AndyZZ:

I also use Premiere Pro 1.5.1, but this error is with me still never appeared. Helps you now synonymous but probably not .... Except that it is probably with your clip or your settings to do. A general bug of Premiere, it is certainly not.

Antwort von teichgraf:

Helps me not really, but I know more times. Thank you! Possibly. I will go even more to encircle / need to test.

The clips will not lie. The Occurs every case clips as. Mov, DV material (. Avi) and MP3s on.
Is there possibly some other settings in the premiere of the application data or the Prog-Verze. test?
The. Prproj file is XML. Is there problems with the locale and the decimal sign etc. give?

Antwort von nico:

The clips will not lie. The Occurs every case clips as. Mov, DV material (. Avi) and MP3s on.

Surely it is s.den clips! Premiere does not like MP3s and certainly no mishmash of formats.

That means: You should only once every convert MP3s into WAVs synonymous and all the videos in DV-AVI. Then render the movie and then possibly into a DVD compliant format conversions.

Antwort von teichgraf:

"nico" wrote:
The clips will not lie. The Occurs every case clips as. Mov, DV material (. Avi) and MP3s on.

Surely it is s.den clips! Premiere does not like MP3s and certainly no mishmash of formats.

I am working since version 5.0 or 6.0 to me first. And I mute my human malignant Premiere has been the worst years, a mishmash of formats and thus have never had problems. Why synonymous, because a cut in the software semi-professional field, should thus synonymous easily handle them.

In any case this is not reason for the problems, because now I have even found the cause:
The problem is a software bug, either in or in the premiere Xerces library, which probably for the first XML-based project format (. Prproj files). Premiere wants all the decimal values in the project files with a dot "." as a decimal, but if you a non-US version of Premiere with a European Windows uses as the decimal separator in project files, a comma "," is used. This allows the project while reading the stored decimal values not parsed correctly and will probably get the value Infinity (Min).
This problem occurs but not always with my calculator on. Surely here is the strange combination of a Windows setting and premiere of the real reason.
My problem is the "light version" of the "Keyframe.h-138 error". See http://premierepro.wikia.com/wiki/Known_Issues#Project_Files, http://www.adobeforums.com/webx/.3bc46ce5
The s.der shocking fact is that this problem with the locale and is known to be synonymous in Premiere Pro 3.0 is available. Adobe brings therefore not been a patch ready to go. > :-(

For those who have a similar problem should be, here the solution:

Projects should generally only with the "Regional and Language Options" -> "English (United States)" edit. Located in the Control Panel -> Regional and Language Options ". Or you can change the "Customize the separator values for the selected profile (" German (Germany) ").

Existing project files must be a regular expression mH (Replace) correct:

I use this regulator (http://sourceforge.net/projects/regulator/) with the following RegEx:
[code: 1: fa6666cc42] (? <numerator> [-0-9 ]+?),(?< denominator> [0-9] (12.24)) [/ code: 1: fa6666cc42]
Replace with:
[code: 1: fa6666cc42] $ (numerator). $ denominator) ([/ code: 1: fa6666cc42]

Again many thanks s.Alle who tried to help.

Antwort von teichgraf:

For the Windows user locale does not always manual before the start of premiere in English (USA) set to return after the termination and back to German (Germany) - forget it anyway - I have a small batch script that does this car done. The script then uses the Windows user locale to en-US, is launching an application (premiere), waiting for the termination of this and then add the user locale to en-US. You need the. Bat file only the APP_PATH accordingly and possibly even the locale files change if you do not de-EN use. A few hints are synonymous in the batch file.
I have on my calculator a shortcut to the batch file is created, the symbol of the link to the premiere symbol and change the shortcut in premiere with the Start Menu shortcut to the batch file is overwritten. So you can in the future really nothing wrong or forget.
Have fun with it.

Here you can download the script:

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