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Frage von Thomas832:

Hello together,

I installed the trial version of Premiere Pro 2.0 and have discovered in testing the following problem.

I want to digitize analog material, do it with the help of the Canopus ADVC300.
If, as is customary in VHS or 8 mm video recordings, is a break of 3-4Sekunden between scenes that breaks the premiere recording s.and ends the capture.

DH every time I have to sit there and tape fast enough to push back on the recording button on.

Is there a possibility that can auto re-start, or turn off the scene detection and to separate afterwards??

Thanks for your answers!


Antwort von Wiro:

in the Capture menu, there is the possibility to switch off both scene search as synonymous stopping missing frames.
Gruss Wiro


Antwort von Thomas832:

The scene search is synonymous turned off by default

"Recording at frame-abort omission" is also disabled??


Antwort von Markus:

Exactly the same problem was discussed here:
ADVC-300 Capture problem

Maybe that helps the proposed solution there? (For me, it helps ;-)


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