Infoseite // Premiere Pro 2 Project into Final Cut Pro HD 4.5

Frage von ba_chus:

Good day!

I would like to put in Premiere Pro 2 based Project in Final Cut open.

The important thing is that the scale including rough timelines are maintained. Also, the order in the BIN, I'd like to take over. Visors, or other changes in the clips, such as: transparency does not exist and must therefore überneommen are not synonymous.

I've got of a plug called "Automatic Duck" is one with which one Avid Projects for Final Cut Pro can export. Is this perhaps synonymous for Premiere?

What makes a EDL export exactly? Wär3e a possibility?

Thanks for the help - lg Ba_chus


Antwort von Gwendolyn:

The EDL should go. You get your timeline of Premiere to Final Cut.
The folders you get but not like in Premiere. Would you Bländen in the Project would be synonymous on what almost all synonymous Effects would be the case.
If the EDL in Final Cut imported only needs the raw material with a stack of recording to be included as the media files in the EDL are not integrated.
When importing the EDL, I would advise plenty of processing edge indicated.


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