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Premiere Pro CS3 DVCPRO HD MATERIAL bearbeiten?

Premiere Pro CS3 DVC PRO HD MATERIAL edit?

Frage von orhan:
Mai 2008

Hi folks,

I do not know whether I'm right here, but I hope so!

Have a problem. Recently I had with the AG HVX200 Camera film and now I will edit the material. Did PP CS3. Is the handling of such a video with this software - or need do irgendwlche updates? If yes, where do you get these and they are then free of charge?

Furthermore, how exactly do I need to proceed as to create a Project in PP CS3 them?

Thank you.


Edit from Mod:

Antwort von orhan:

Hi folks,

synonymous've already posted elsewhere ...

Have recently with the Camera Panasonic AG-HVX200 filmed and now wants the video material in PP CS3 edit. Is this possible without any problems - or do we need any update - if so, are they free?

Also, someone tell me exactly how you create such a project needs?

Thank you.

Antwort von Tuffy:

More threads bring you nothing more than bad blood.

You need to edit at least the native APP CS3 version 3.1.1, the latest is 3.2
The updates are free, can be found via the Adobe Updater to load and install - then you'll get directly synonymous presets for DVC PRO HD material.


Antwort von PowerMac:

With updates possible.

Antwort von Eugen von ...:

"Orhan" wrote:
mach irgendwlche needs updates? If yes, where do you get these

Uh, is the second part of the question some serious?

Antwort von PowerMac:

With an IQ of 85 or a pirated copy is possible.

Antwort von B.DeKid:

@ PowerMac

Even with piracy, an update should go.

Unfortunately, software companies have not yet understood updates via input LizensKey again be approved.
Why unfortunately - so because you as programmer back a little money could earn.

As a programmatic synonymous files, the data of the user login / send away of hackers may be synonymous eg Adobe as we usually do not collect data.

So if you cracked programs is using the company's safe, but the real problem is the crack itself.
Often, Trojans or other viruses involved.
This hacker will gain access to either the data of the user or use the calculator as a proxy port.
And increasingly in recent years to retrieve the data as a user of lokrativer must be taken.
This raises again the question of who is provetiert?

Well everyone is already advertising mails (spam) etc has gotten, you can think of who is profetiert.


You should be aware of the large proportion of the population is only a chen vorweisst IQ.
Since it is a (different) test (s), or you can not just assume that someone with a target chen IQ uneducated or learning difficulties will be.
Someone just as the work goes to his job-related professionals in order to make the evening a halt in front of TV. The right is probably small IQ and could still have his tray in his master.

.................................................. .......

And because I'm tired now,
Orhan the northwestern Asia Minor conquered and for an update DVCPRO synonymous with material things is
Should there be only one to give all interested.

.................................................. .......

Alla what I wish
Salamu Alaikum

B. DeKid

Antwort von Tuffy:

Hi B. DeKid,

I agree with you generally and to all (even with the IQ thing - look at Forrest,-D).
Cracks are likely but not Adobe's biggest problem, because now uses None more. This was apparently something like the update and the program itself synonymous buggy.
Right thing.


Antwort von B.DeKid:

@ Tuffy

A crack does not umbedingt a "crack" his (ie a file Pattch or similar)

As the crack I've now synonymous as the Keygen's meant. Here it is much easier even to damage the PC.

There are a lot of content out there, the crews synonymous bring out various works.

It comes on the crew s.and synonymous to their goals.

You may not synonymous like a Trojan as a trojan when this outing in a "crack" is available. Desöfteren the Trojans to even hack the actual files needed.
But in recent years is striking, the increasingly synonymous Asian crews flooded the Black Market. There are thus other problems which are not discussed here must be / should be.
There are several groups in which "professional people on the issue is.

Conclusion = You must be careful with all sorts of "Umsont" goods in the I Net umgehn. Only very few are aware synonymous in the music or movie files Picture obtained from the network with related viruses may be tainted.

I get it so useful here to mention the things that you should buy if you would like to be absolutely sure. Also, the actual work computer umbeding I do not have Net access.

B. DeKid

Antwort von Tuffy:

So then, what you know because you like? ;-)

Fun with Page, that is legitimate. And I Keygen between crack and see big differences, especially in the function (and the subsequent use).
Against Trojans etc there is VMware.

Hey, I was young synonymous times;-D


Antwort von B.DeKid:

Because some of my guys are programmer.

Because I am an aversion to "free stuff" was.

Because stories intressieren Illuminate me.

Because I'm the Meihn ung that I Net one of the largest of the weapons there.

Because my system will stay clean.

Because I am the "Hackers Black Book read .... lol.

Well just because I am a lot s.Erfahrungen collected spent the last years.
And I especially libel or speculation does not like.

Is that a reason before now ;-) Off Topic is ;-)

B. DeKid

Antwort von Tuffy:

He DeKid B.,

I wanted you not to come near. You're one of the good guys ;-)
But each is permitted to know what he likes, as long as he is in doubt, do not use negative.
I know because I think pretty much synonymous - but my boys are not programmers.

And I'm s.jetzt quiet -,-D


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