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Frage von qamin:


've got a problem and can not find a solution, maybe you have a rat ...

in our recordings in a closed room, the echo received ton that we do not have noticed suburb. now with the cut of the films have become apparent. There is a possibility with premiere pro, the echo to reduce or completely remove a filter, or similar to?

for every tip I would be very grateful.



Antwort von wurzl:

does not look too well.
although it is possible for partially get rid hall (eg with adobe audition), but that would mean that certain frequencies are partially cut off. And then the end result usually sounds anything but natural.
I've often have to deal with this problem, but unfortunately even no satisfactory solution.


Antwort von Markus:

Hi All,

you have the sound recording (eg comments that will later be recorded from the off) ensure that the environment is possible and that you anechoic recording any noise. It is easily possible to add this one to dry a little reverb or echo, but the other way is usually not as easy to break and usually associated with loss of quality.

The best one can select the space for the sound to the acoustic Eigeschaften. For example, a bathroom unsuitable by the smooth surfaces and provides a typical pattern Hall. The living room lends itself as much better, because here are upholstered furniture to absorb the sound. To eliminate the last bit of synonymous Hall, it lends itself to be hanging blankets around the speakers so the sound muffled, and no longer reflects s.den walls.


Antwort von grovel:

The solution, incidentally, means that all Dubber new dialogues and create an artificial sound days.
Sounds devilishly complicated, but not so hard to s.Anfang need a little patience, but the result is usually better than any onstage recording.

SeeYa grovel


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