Infoseite // Premiere Pro export VCD with additional black bars

Frage von str0m:


I must unfortunately VCDs with Premiere Pro and edit again expect out (I know there's better things ...)

what I've done so far:
352x288px project with 1:1 ratio created

what the problem is:
preview in premiere still looks normal, the media encoder, unfortunately left and right black bars added.

what can I change it? or what you have to adjust every time you do not need to change the size?

LG, str0m


Antwort von Andreas Jigme:

Hey, greetings from Dusseldorf,

've been trying the pixel aspect ratio attends? Square (1:1) for PC and Pal 4:3 format led the Television? (1:1.03 then? I and figures ....)

Otherwise you are a shrink to get picture with black stripes ...

Does it work?

Good luck, Andreas


Antwort von str0m:

the only thing so far has helped ratio was 1:1 in the project and then the source VCD interpret than 4:3.

If I were already in the Project 4:3 bekomm pretend like I said additional beams

grüße back



Antwort von str0m:

source file
zum Bild

exported file

zum Bild


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