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Frage von messiahs:

Hi Folks, I have the following problem

My Adobe Premiere Pro has long faithful to me served only now harkt it simple to play once during the project in the monitor window as synonymous in the viewer. Also stored in older projects. The individual frames, I can easily look synonymous trim - everything works. The gecaptureten videos are synonymous in order.

I have already reinstalled Premiere,
new graphics drivers and bios defaults loaded. it has nothing helped.
A few days ago still ran everything (it may be that when I start Windows "last known working configuration" a few days ago have loaded? Did not synonymous camcorder s.FW etc.
Oh yes I have a Radeon 9800 Pro graphics card (if that helps)

Please help me.


Antwort von

It has been done, have formatted. I had tried to circumvent


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